About Pixengo

Pixengo ( pixengo.com ) is a blog started with an aim to simplify online purchasing. We help you purchase the right gadgets & accessories. We take out the guesswork by doing researching, finding products and testing them. Since the start of this blog, we’ve tested more than 20 products ( the number is growing ).

Some of these products were purchased by us from amazon, some were given to us by our friends and relatives, and some were given to us by readers. The blog was started and is maintained by a group of passionate students, lead by Erwin Cooper.


Hi, I am Erwin Cooper, blogger and tech enthusiast. I got hooked into technology right after my father gifted me a book “Basics of HTML”. I started by building basic HTML websites and then started a blog. I’ve also assembled a dozen ( or maybe more ) desktop computers. I’ve also helped a bunch of my friends make their home studio, youtube channel or website.

I love everything and anything connected to technology.

I started pixengo along with two of my friends. Although, it’s me who does the majority of the work since both of them have regular jobs.

Yes, you got it right, I don’t have a regular job. I rely on this blog for my bread and butter. I currently reside in Worthington, Ohio in the United States. On this blog, I receive gadget and accessories that I get to use or try.

Help me follow my passion. Here is a link to my Amazon affiliate shop, purchase anything that you’d normally purchase from Amazon. I get small commissions when you purchase through my link. However, the price of the product remains same for you. Every purchase that you make helps me grow this blog, follow my passion and stops my parents from asking me to get a real job and stop working on what I like.