Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets Under $100 [ 2021 Updated ]

What’s gaming without getting an awesome experience?

What’s gaming without good sound effects?

It’s nothing.


Yes, without a good quality sound the gaming experience is absolutely nothing. And hence gamers usually need good quality and a perfect sounding headset to get amazing gaming experience.

But then you have already spent a huge amount of money on getting the best gaming smartphone or tablet or laptop, and so are restricted with a low budget for your headsets. Relax you just be ready to experience your gaming experience and leave everything rest on us.

In this blog post, I have the best affordable and performance-based headset for you gamers for just below $100. For all the gamers like you, who are actually on a budget, we have targeted the headsets that provide a greater amount of value, have high-quality drivers, high levels of compatibility and they all also have unique sets of features that make them capable of competing with pro Bluetooth headsets.

Best Gaming Headsets Under $100 in 2019

CORSAIR Void PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset

If you already know that many of CORDAIR brand headsets are within budget and also provides neat quality, then why don’t you go for it?

Void Pro RGB is one of the CORSAIR's highest-quality headsets that is specifically designed for not interfering with glasses. Though the ear cups are extremely large, they create a good seal around the ear.

The microphone is capable of being muted by flipping it up and it produces high-quality audio when you speak into it. It blocks out background noise for clearer communication.

The model is wireless and uses a Bluetooth dongle to communicate with whatever your system and can stay connected up to 40 feet away from the adapter too. The battery has 16-hour battery life.

Key Features:

  • Large cups
  • Unique design
  • Flip to mute
  • Large range
  • Clean surround sound audio
  • Compatible to PC and Mac
  • Drivers are made up of 50 millimetre neodymium
  • Connectivity - USB dongle or Bluetooth
  • Surround Sound - 7.1 Dolby Digital
  • Frequency Response - 20,000Hz
  • Noise Cancelling - Noise dampening

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Alpha headset perfect as a gaming headset cause it features mostly all of the things that you consider while buying a gaming headset.

Further, it has a powerful set of dual-chamber audio drivers to create booming bass and crisp tones and the volume controls are located on an inline control board that is mounted on the headset's power cable for your ease.

It has an expandable headband made up of aluminium material which is long-lasting. The ear cups are made of memory foam material and are shaped in such a way that it fits naturally to your ears.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Detachable power cable
  • Dual-chamber drivers
  • Naturally shaped ear cups made of Memory foam
  • Compatibility with PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile
  • Drivers - HyperX Dual-Chamber
  • Connectivity - Single 3.5mm
  • Frequency Response - 13- 27,000Hz
  • Noise Cancelling feature available

SADES SA819 Gaming Headset

We know that the SADES brand provides the best cheapest SA819 Gaming Headset.

Its cheapest we know but still is the best surround sound gaming headset and is a durable one. The SADES is a wired gaming set and the wire is protected by a braided nylon sleeve to prevent it from being damaged.

For easy access, even the sound controls are also located on the headset's wire. The ear cups as large as the CORSAIR Void's and even has a similar style. The only advantage over CORSAIR is that the SADES is designed to cancel out noise entirely.

It uses 50 millimetre drivers to produce the sound that has stunning clarity and the mic also works well for online gaming. It has a 3.5-mm audio jack that makes the model extremely compatible with Xbox gaming, PC, PS4, Mobile and Mac.

Key Features:

  • Very low price
  • Very compatible
  • Large ear cups
  • Noise cancelling
  • Braided cable
  • Compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mac, Mobile
  • Drivers - 50-mm
  • Connectivity is Wired
  • Surround Sound - Yes
  • Frequency Response - 20Hz to 20,000Hz
  • Noise Cancelling - Yes

Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset

You already know that Logitech always makes the great budget headsets which are quite respected and most used gaming headsets in the gaming world.

The Logitech G Pro an amazing choice for you gamers. The best part is that the model is compatible with every major system used for gaming like the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch.

The audio clarity is amazing as it has most amazing drivers that allow the G Pro to reproduce the game audio and they work well when it comes to separating bass and treble sounds.

The Logitech G Pro comes equipped with a condenser microphone that prevents background noise from interrupting the communication and it also helps the mic to respond to a wider range of frequencies.

Key Features:

  • Leatherette ear pads
  • G Pro drivers
  • Lightweight
  • Condenser mic
  • Very compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch
  • Connectivity - 3.5-mm jack
  • Frequency Response - 20Hz-20,000Hz
  • Noise Cancelling – Yes

Razer Kraken Cross Platform Gaming Headset

We all already know that Razer is famous when it comes to gaming laptops, and hence they have even started with the gaming headsets. It makes high-quality products which are quite affordable.

Razer Kraken Cross has quite a high technical specs which make the headset model quite impressive. It has 50-mm drivers and also inline audio controls. As required by a gamer the ear cushions of the Kraken are filled with a cooling gel that makes them more comfortable to use.

The gel makes the ear cups adjustable to your ears and also actively works to cool your ears. It's highly designed to cancel out the noise generated from people speaking around you while gaming.

Key Features:

  • Wired for unlimited playtime
  • Gel-infused ear cups
  • Thick padding
  • Powerful audio
  • Inline controls
  • Compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Mobile
  • Drivers - 50-mm
  • Connectivity - 3.5-mm jack
  • Frequency Response - 20Hz-20,000Hz
  • Noise Cancelling – Yes

Other Budget Gaming Headsets

SteelSeries Arctis 5

The Arctis 5 is primarily made for PC gaming but it comes additionally with an adapter to work with Xbox One consoles too. It uses RGB lighting to illuminate and features the ClearCast mic. The ear cups are made from AirWeave fabric so that your ears are sweat-free and cool.

Key Features:

  • S1 drivers
  • 360-degree surround sound
  • AirWeave fabric
  • Arctis sound quality
  • RGB lighting
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox One
  • Drivers - S1
  • Connectivity - USB
  • Surround Sound - DTS HeadphoneX V.2
  • Frequency Response - 20Hz-22,000Hz
  • Noise Cancelling – Yes

CORSAIR HS70 SE 7.1 Gaming Headset

Another of CORSAIR Gaming headset is HS70 that is a high-performance gaming headset. It has 50-mm neodymium drivers with a plush memory foam cushions for added comfort to your ears. It is built with metal components for durability and the mic is fairly basic.

Key Features

  • Great drivers
  • High build quality
  • Plush memory foam
  • Very compatible
  • Detachable mic
  • Compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Mobile
  • Drivers - 50-mm neodymium
  • Connectivity with USB and Bluetooth dongle
  • Frequency Response - 20Hz-20kHz
  • Noise Cancelling – Yes

Sennheiser GSP 300 Gaming Headset

Sennheiser GSP 300 is a closed-back headset with thick padding on the headband that splits down the middle to decrease the weight. The included boom mic will not let anyone keep hear your conversations and with the noise-cancelling ear cup, your ears are protected from outside noises.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Thick band padding
  • Split band
  • Closed back
  • Flip to mute microphone
  • Compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac
  • Drivers - 50-mm
  • Connectivity - 3.5-mm jack
  • Frequency Response - 15Hz-26,000Hz
  • Noise Cancelling – Yes

ASTRO Gaming A10 Gaming Headset

ASTRO Gaming A10 has drivers of 50-mm which are custom-tuned to meet ASTRO's high standards and also deliver stereo sound with unmatched clarity. It has a 3.5-mm audio jack that allows you to used with most devices and gaming systems. The mic is also sufficient for clear communication.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable design
  • High-quality sound for cheap
  • Detachable cord
  • Highly compatible
  • ASTRO build quality
  • Compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Mobile
  • Drivers - 50-mm
  • Connectivity - 3.5-mm jack
  • Frequency Response - 20Hz-20,000Hz

I hope my article helped you out there to choose the best gaming headset. But remember to consider your budgets and preference before you buy one.

What to Look for When Buying Gaming Headsets ?

Build Quality – it’s extremely important. Look for band material that uses metal for the band’s frame, frame material like polymer which is long-lasting and lightweight, prefer memory foam for cushion material with cooling gel, mic material which is flexible so that it can take all the beatings, braided cord/ cable material as it is more durable.

Compatibility – it’s the most common thing. You need a headset that can actually work with your gaming device. And hence check the description and label on the headset's box to know if it is compatible with your device.

Drivers – it determines how high the sound quality is. 50-mm neodymium drivers are the most used drivers in decent headsets, but you can find some headsets that use 35-mm, 45-mm and proprietary drivers that are unique to a specific company.

Connectivity – it’s the specification that determines how a headset will connect to your device. There’s an option of wired headset or you can get wireless headsets which usually uses Bluetooth or a USB dongle.

The best one would be that connects with Bluetooth as USB adapters would block up a USB port that you could otherwise use for a controller or other peripheral.

Wireless – they don’t require any annoying cables and hence they are considered to be more comfortable to wear. You definitely have to consider the battery life of a wireless headset as they utilize their internal battery to work on.

Surround Sound – it’s the most immersive way to enjoy the audio and sound effects while gaming. As surround sound utilizes several directional audio drivers to play tricks on your ears, it makes it seem as if sounds are coming from the direction that they are actually coming from in-game.

Frequency Response – it describes what frequencies the headset will pick up. While playing games sounds come in a vast array of tones and pitches and hence get a headset that doesn’t give you trouble picking up high-frequency signals.

Usuall, the decent headsets have a frequency response that picks up sounds as low as 20Hz and as high 20,000Hz, and such headsets are more preferable.

Noise Cancelling – it helps to keep all of the annoying background noise out of your ears while you play but it completely isolates you from your real-world environment. The feature works by creating a perfect seal between your ears and a headset’s ear cups. That seal prevents noise from coming through to your ears.

Audio Controls – because there are different control set-ups available. It impacts on how easy it is to use a headset. Inline controls are the most common as it is mounted onto the power cord of a headset and includes a volume wheel and a mute switch and even audio balancing control.

Many times audio controls are mounted on the earpiece of a headset which makes it easier to reach and consists of sliders or buttons that control the system’s audio.

Customization – as the customizing software allows you to fine-tune your headset to produce the type of audio that you want. Being able to change RGB lighting is often found on budget headsets.
So now let’s go through the best gaming headsets:

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