Best iPhone Microphones to Use in 2021

The audio quality offered by iPhones is pretty good in terms of being a phone. But things can always get better. For an improved performance while recording videos or podcasts for your YouTube channel, recording interviews or vlogging you can consider putting some money on an external iPhone microphone.

These aid in producing better work in the professional field. There are lots of options to consider, whether you want a clip-on wired lavalier or fixed stereo condensers, you can choose according to your requirement. Here’s a list of the best companies who are there to give you exactly what you need.

Rode i-XY

This mic has 30-pin connectivity and comes with an in-built A/D conversion for lighting. We find two mics facing two opposite sides, aligned at ninety degrees. Each mic has a different sound pressure ratio for lesser space and improved clarity. Even if your recording area is wide, you have got nothing to worry about, the mics will capture everything. You are surely going to be impressed by the mechanism of the X-Y stereo build.

In case your work includes on-field activity or recording while traveling, things are made easier with the foam windshield and the protective case with a zipper that you get with this mic. The cherry on the top is that this company has developed its own app. Thus you don’t have to opt for the iOS software if you’re not willing to.

The Rode Rec app has nothing out of the world but it’s more suitable when it comes to recording. This microphone offers you clarity that matches many USB mics available in the market. You can record audio up to 24-bit/96k quality using this. Though Rode i-XY is a bit a more expensive option in comparison to the others but worth every bit of your money.

Shure MV88

Being made out of metal, Shure MV88 comes with a strong build. It gives the users directional pickup and has a stereo. It can be placed according to necessity and usage is made more flexible as the mic can be rotated and fixed. This mic is accompanied by an adapter for your headphones. You get a case for carrying it and a foam windscreen as well.

The Shure AMV88-FUR Rycote Windjammer is more fit for outdoor recordings. This also provides a free app that enables the recording of uncompressed audio. The ShurePlus MOTIV app acts effectively in adjusting gain levels and changing the stereo width. It can also be used to swap right and left or to modify EQ settings. Shure MV88 can make you sure about the quality of your recording.

Last year in January, Shure launched its MV88+ Video Kit. We get an upgraded mic with USB-C and Lightning cables in this package. This also includes a Manfrotto Pixi tripod, a phone mount, and a headphone jack.

Zoom iQ6 X/Y

This is another good microphone for customers looking forward to a good recording experience. Its condenser microphones are similar to that of the Zoom H4N Pro handheld audio recorder. The users get a great range with this as it can be adjusted from 90 to 120 degrees. It has a headphone/line-out jack that can be used while you are recording something or even during playback.

On the front side, we find a wheel with numbers which makes quick adjustments without using software possible, this is the mic gain setting apparatus. Zoom iQ6 X/Y can be used both with or without an iPhone case due to the presence of a removable spacer. You can easily get a view of the visual signal of your sound level with its three LEDs. In case you need to record wav or .aac files, Zoom too provides its own recording app. If you are an iPhone 7 user, this is a highly recommended mic as this version of the iPhone does not have the typical jack for headphones that we usually get to see.

Zoom iQ7 Mid-Side

Though featuring characteristics similar to that of iQ6, this appliance from Zoom offers a greater degree of flexibility with the mid-side configuration of the mic. One limitation while recording with X/Y is that users have to stick to what has been recorded. But this mic does away with that problem. It gives the facility of post-production adjustments.

This also provides us with all-time mono-compatibility. It has a switch on its right side which can be used to make adjustments between M-S, 120° stereo, and 90° stereo as per requirement. This item grants freedom to adjust up to 120 degrees. Whether you want to focus your recording on an individual source or get a more expansive soundstage, the three-way stereo width switch and the advantage of 120 degrees lets you do it all.

It has a hardware mic gain control front and center like its predecessor. We find a headphone/line-out combo jack here as well. The microphone capsules can be rotated in various directions, this facilitates proper positioning and offers a suitable setting for covering wider areas. The ‘mid’ mic takes care of sound waves from the front and a bidirectional “side” mic captures the all-around audio. It has its own easy to use recording app as well which comes with plenty of editing features. This mic does not have a separate charging port.

Rode VideoMic Me-L

This updated lightning version of VideoMic Me has a fabulous design. This directional microphone gives a high-quality recording experience and can function without a battery. Using the lightning port, you can easily plug it into your iPhone. If you are looking for a microphone that can accompany you to adventurous journeys and rough trips, this is what you need.

The aluminum body of the mic makes it fit for these purposes. You can easily travel with the mic, carrying it around becomes very convenient owing to its small size. Being portable, it makes recording hassle-free. You get a 3.55 mm jack and by plugging in your headphones, you can monitor your audio. The windscreen ensures the clarity of the recordings.

Rode SC6-L

This is a mobile interview kit from Rode. It has two smartLav+ microphones, a pair of windshields, two lapel clips and an adapter/breakout box along with a small pouch to carry it in. This works efficiently in covering interviews whether you are in an indoor or outdoor setting.

The agency has developed its own Rode Reporter App which allows interviewers to use each mic for an individual track if the situation demands that. Additionally, it has features like gain control, direct audio monitoring and more. If the customers require a greater cord length, Rode is ready with its SC1 20’Extension Cable which has been specially designed keeping smartLav+ in mind.

Apogee MiC 96k

Apogee has come out with this product which is best suited for seated interviews, so if your work involves a lot of these try taking a look at this one. Though on the expensive side, this is a really good choice for podcasting. This table-top condenser microphone can be connected using a USB-to-Lightning cable and has an adjustable mini tripod. Ideal for stationary recording, it can capture 24-bit/96kHz audio quality at up to 40dB of gain.

You can look forward to a professional experience using this mic which has a set up of plug-and-play. In its metal casing, there’s an LED status light, this comes with a control dial which allows input to be adjusted. But this product does offer the option of external powering, so keep a charger ready for your iPhone when work is over. This measure is a must if you want to continue to use your device after the recording.

Blue Mikey

This microphone is another pocket-friendly option. Customers looking for stability can pick this mic without doubts. It provides the users with an audio quality of 44.1 kHz / 16-bit, slightly down the scale in comparison to iQ6. The build-up range is almost similar to iQ6 and i-XY. Though it still hasn’t launched its own app for recording, several apps are available which are compatible with it. This microphone will offer you value for money.

Blue Mikey has an input jack for different musical apparatus and an external charging source. This diminutive condenser mic comes with a lightning connector and provides setting adjustments for gain and auto-level sensing. We can’t forget about the swivel mount which has a rotation capacity of 230 degrees.

Its overall reviews are great but if you are an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S user, keep in mind that this mic will block the headphone jack. Even the iPhone 7 users are in a problematic situation in this case if we consider the lightning port.

Blue Raspberry

The company has introduced a new model to the list, the Blue Raspberry. This retails at a higher price, but this USB mic is another attention-worthy option for the users. This is a desktop-style, condenser microphone.

Apart from a Lightning cable, it has a USB cable. The headphone jack of this mic will provide you with a volume control system for live monitoring. It can be easily mounted on tripods as it comes with a thread length of 1/4 “. From recording notes of musical instruments to human voices, this microphone will cover it all.

Emiral Phone and Camera Microphone

This microphone has a great NCR noise reduction pickup feature which makes it stand out. This offers its users a better noise floor suppression technology. If your iPhone has a headphone jack, plug this indirectly and if you possess one of the newer models that lack this feature then a lightning adapter is your solution.

The Emiral Phone and Camera Microphone has an in-built 100mAH polymer rechargeable lithium battery. This reduces the risk of running out of power when you are not prepared for it. Apart from using this for your iPhone, you can also use this mic with a camera or GoPro. You just need to plug it in and do away with your worries.

Tascam iM2X

This provides a high-quality stereo condenser and comes with an X-Y design-build. This is highly recommended for concerts or recordings of practice sessions of bands as it is capable of handling high sound pressure levels (SPL- up to 125dB). The microphone can be rotated up to 180 degrees.

So, if you decide to carry the mic around in your pocket, it needs to be kept in a straight position to avoid damage. For cheaper alternatives, considering the iM2 models is a good idea. The quality does get compromised to a certain extent and the mic build is A-b.

Sennheiser ClipMic

This has an omnidirectional microphone capsule like the Sennheiser ME2. This lavalier microphone has been specially designed considering the features of iPhones. The buyers get an Apple MFi certified lightning connection with it. The analog audio signal gets processed into digital 24 bit/96 kHz using hardware built by Apogee.

Movo PM10 Deluxe Lavalier

If you are looking for a mic that combines low cost and quality, here’s what you should take a look at. Movo PM10 is a lavalier mic that can be connected through a 3.5 mm jack. On the opposite end, there is a windscreen and clip in case you want to attach it to your clothes. A major factor working in favour of this microphone is that it puts no load on your phone battery.

Though some customers complain that it would be more convenient if the connecting cable was longer, this is a go-to product if you want something within a low budget. If we consider the price, the audio quality of the recordings is pretty good.

iRig Mic Cast

This has a specialty in covering recordings of fieldwork and podcasting. There are features in the mic which help enhance the audio quality in both cases. iRig Mic Cast keeps your iPhone well protected when it is connected as this microphone is case-friendly. The rectangular condenser has a unidirectional design which ensures clarity in recordings as it effectively rejects noise.

This low priced gadget is accompanied by a high-low sensitivity setting which provides the required flexibility for capturing audio in a variety of environments. As you keep recording, you can monitor things with its in-built stereo headphone jack For your seated interviews, things become more convenient with the additional desktop stand which is adjustable.

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