Best Lavalier Microphones 2021 : Wired & Wireless ( With Buying Guide )

If you often shoot outdoors, or film interviews, it's a good idea to purchase a good lavalier microphone. Purchasing a microphone isn't easy since most people don't know what's important and features are they looking for. In order to find the best lavalier microphone, you'll have to pinpoint what you'll be doing with it.

A lot of people also refer to lavalier microphones as clip mic, lapel mic, or body mic, since that's how it's used. It's a small little microphone which you can clip on your body, on their collar or lapel.

Since these bad bois are small, they can be placed strategically and discreetly close to the speaker's mouth. You'll be able to capture their voice without having to deal a lot with background noise. You can also hide the microphone in clothing if you don't want the mic to be visible in the footage. Since the lavalier microphones are hands-free, using them is simple.

What Goes into these Reveiws ?

I spent hours and weeks finding and researching the best lavalier mics. There are tons and tons of microphones in the markets, and I wanted to get you away from the hustle and irritation of finding the right mic by showing only the top-notch lav mics.

I’ve carefully tested and compared each and every aspect of these microphones including but not limited to noise cancellation, comfort, sound quality, and price in order to help you select the best lavalier mics for your youtube channel/show.

Best Wired Lavalier Microphones

Rode smartLav+ Lavalier microphone

One of the best lavalier mics built for smartphones. You can use it almost with every recording device. It works with an audio recorder, DSLR, and smartphones as well. Although you need a TRS adapter like the Rode SC3 to be able to use it.

The mic has the excellent build quality and great sound, which I found to be rare for a device this small. The recording pattern on this device is omnidirectional, which means, it picks sound from all angles. The microphone also has a built-in windscreen to deal with plosives and wind. Clip on this thing is strong along with the Kevlar reinforced cable which makes it strong, and hard to fall off.

Rode also has created their own iPhone app for the mic: Rode Rec. For Android users, it works with all recording apps. You get standard EQ settings as well as ability to export to DropBox and SoundCloud.

If you do a lot of Facebook Live, Snapchat, or Periscope, this is the microphone you'll need.

If you do a lot of interviews, Rode also has the SC6 kit that comes with two microphones and an adapter to make things extremely easy.

Shure MVL

MVL from Shure is another omnidirectional condenser microphone which is no doubt a direct competitor to the mic mentioned above. This one has a 3.5mm TRRS connection for tablets and smartphones. Just like the SmartLav+, you'll need TRS adaptor if you want to use this microphone with digital recorders or DSLRs.

There are tons and tons of negative reviews about the microphone because are not usually aware that they need to supply extra power to the microphone. You don't need to purchase any extra batteries for the microphone and the cable supplied with the microphone 52" long. The mic also has the great dynamic range and doesn't make a lot of self-noise while operating.

At this price range, I think it's an excellent choice to consider. The frequency response on this microphone ranges from 20hz to 45 Hz. The box includes windscreen, carrying pouch, and a clip.


Audio-Technica ATR3350iS Lavalier Mic

This one comes from a popular audio accessory manufacturer, audio technica. Now, they brand this microphone as "for smartphone", but I've tested that it works fine on an audio recorder, and DSLR as well. The microphones come with its own adapter to plug into the headphone jack of smartphones.

Audio Technica supplies a 20 feet long cable which would be enough for most people. The microphone has a battery which lasts around a month even on heavy usage. It also comes with its own Windscreen. A lot of people have used this microphone and reported that it deals well with background sounds and noises.

If you need a microphone that can record without noise and has a long cable, this is your go-to microphone.

Giant Squid Audio Lab

First of all, isn't the name amazing?

This microphone gets tons and tons of positive reviews and for good reasons. It has a great sound quality, considering that it is an under $50 mark microphone. The clip of this microphone is constructed out of metal ensuring that it will stay in place. The microphone also has a windscreen, but some people report that it doesn't do a very good job of staying in place.

The microphone connects via standard 3.5mm jack and works great with laptops, digital recorders, and DSLRs.


Sony ECM-44 Electret condenser lavalier mic

When you compare it to previously wired microphones listed above, this one is one notch up. This mic uses XLR connector, which makes it very clear that you'd have to use a USB interface, a mixer, or maybe use a digital recorder that has an XLR input jack. You can use the mic on either stage or with a portable recorder.

With the microphone, you get 2 metal clips, one clip for dual lav mics, one for a single mic. You don't have to worry about the wire breaking since it's quite thick. You can also use the battery power if you prefer to. The audio quality feels natural, accurate and value for money.


Rode Lavalier

This one is a high-quality lapel mic which enables you to broadcast high-quality audio. The microphone uses Rode's iconic MiCon connector system with which you can change how to plug in the mic. You can either use 3.5mm stereo and XLR connector. You also get an option to use either 10' or 4' MiCon extension cable. Although you do need a connector when you purchase the microphone.

The connector has to be purchased separately since the manufacturer doesn't ship one. Rode although does back in the pop filter, windshield, water-resistant storage case, and a mega 4-foot cable.


Audio-Technica AT899 Subminiature

Another product from the house of Audio Technica. This model uses battery power, phantom, and gives out low amazing sound. Considering the size, this microphone does an excellent job of producing quality audio. This microphone along with some others in this list offer more value as compared to the price.

With a diameter of 5mm, this mic can be easily hidden in clothing. There are tons of accessories that come with this lavalier microphone :

  • viper clip
  • clothing clip
  • lanyard and magnet clip
  • element covers
  • windscreens
  • double mic holders and interchangeable single

The microphone has an XLR connector and a 9.8-foot long cable. Not only the microphone but the accessories are well built as well.


Sony ECM77B Lapel Mic

This one is a professional grade lav mic for people who are serious about their audio quality. The microphone has been the industry standard for a really long time. You might have spotted this mic in interviews on TV shows.

The reason it has been industry standard is that of the audio quality it produces. The recorded audio feels very natural and doesn't have a lot of buzz or hissing. The mic has a superb frequency response range of 20khz-40hz. You need to power it via AA battery or a phantom power.

The mic is made to last long and is thereby very durable. Something you carry along on the go. If you do a lot of interviews, this is the microphone you want to travel with.


Sennheiser MKE2-PC wired Lavalier Mic

If you need to hike up your production another notch, this is your go-to mic. With 4mm wide diameter, 20hz- 20khz frequency response, this mic is also water-resistant. The mic offers excellent sound quality and doesn't pick a lot of background noise. Regardless of whether you want to use it outdoors or indoors, this mic can work in all environments and temperature.

The only thing is, this mic doesn't come with a clip, which leaves you with two options, you either purchase the accessory kit or a generic clip for your microphone. Sennheiser although gives padded carrying case for the mic.


Best Wireless Lavalier Microphones

Rode RodeLink Filmmaker Kit

One of my all time favorites and the best lavalier microphone is Rode's Filmmaker kit. The microphone setup is pretty simple and quick to set up and once it's live, it sounds great even 300 feet away. The kit comes with receiver, transmitter, and a lav microphone. This mic usually sells alone for over $200, but under $400, you'll have the whole kit (which not to mention, is a good deal).

The microphone uses a 2.4ghz digital signal, is extremely solid, looks great, and comes with one-button pairing for easy usage.


Sennheiser AVX – MKE2 Lavalier Pro Set

I've also mentioned this microphone in the wired section. This Set is enhanced version packed for further high-quality production.

In this set, you get everything which is good in the wired microphone, but you get rid of the wires. The mic uses a 1.9 GHz range so you won't need a license to use this microphone. The transmitter plugs easily into XLR port for easy recording. You can also get the other version which uses Me2 Lav microphone which costs 100$ less.


Saramonic Dual Wireless Lavalier Microphone Bundle

This bundle comes with 2 receivers, 2 transmitters, and audio mixer for DSLR users. Now, straight from the picture, you can see the long antennas and might be a bit hard to hide them from the shot. Although they are not the highest quality equipment, sure provide value for money.

Sennheiser XSW 2-ME2-A Wireless Lavalier Microphone

Another microphone that I've mentioned in the wired section as well. Users can mix match almost 12 of these microphones that come with everything starting from instruments, headset, along with a handheld condenser option. The mic also has frequency management and sync options. The mic is also rack mountable.

Shure GLXD14/93 Digital Presenter Wireless System with WL93 Lavalier Microphone

I am a big fan of Shure as an audio production company in general. The GLX-D series D14/93 didn't let me down either. It has a range of up to 200 feet which is pretty cool. The WL93 is condenser lavalier which runs on omnidirectional pickup pattern. The mic also has a windscreen to prevent recording background noise.

The battery in this setup lasts for 16 hours. There is one more GLXD14/85 which uses WL185 lav mic which does a superb job of reducing the background noise.

Sennheiser EW 512 G3-A

Sennheiser EW 512 G3 uses MKE 2 lapel condenser mic and comes with an auto-lock feature which makes sure you don't change your settings by mistake. The kit also gets a battery indicator, transmitter, receiver, and an automatic frequency scanning. You even get an Ethernet port which you can use to connect with Sennheiser's Wireless system management software.


Best Bluetooth Lavalier Microphones

Now, since it is Bluetooth audio, the quality is a bit more compressed when you compare to other wireless formats, but if you are not after high-level production or vlog, these lav mics work great as well.

Sony ECM-AW4

A good Bluetooth powered lavalier microphone kit which offers super quality audio which you can use with almost anything that has a 3.5mm input jack. The list of compatible topics includes DSLRs, digital recorders and laptops. Although it comes with a built-in microphone, you can use your own 3.5 mm TRS microphone as well. If you want a better quality audio, you can purchase a separate mic and use that instead. A great advantage of using an external microphone is the amount of background noise is reduced and is easy to deal with.

Users also get 2 earpieces for monitoring purposes, pouch, TRS cable, and a strap.

Hey Mic!

First of all!

HEY !!

Amazing Name there. This mic connects with any device and records via Bluetooth. Since every smartphone has Bluetooth, it can work with pretty much with every smartphone. It's a great option if you need to get a lav mic for Android or iPhone. On iPhone, you need to use 3rd party recording app where you can configure the input device.

Comica CVM-WS50(C) Wireless Smart Phone Microphone

I didn't come across this kit until a few days back. This includes a receiver, lavalier mic, transmitter along with clamp and even a tripod. You can also get a model for $30 which even includes a handheld Bluetooth remote.

Samson Go Mic Mobile Professional Lavalier Wireless System for Mobile Video

If you need to record on the go via your Android or iPhone, this is the kit you'd need. The Samson Go Mic mobile lav system includes every cable you'd need to connect a DSLR or smartphone. The kit uses 2.4 GHz digital spectrum and works fine up to 100 feet. The setup also has a handheld microphone which you can use to film with ease.

Buyer's Guide for Picking Best Lavalier Microphones

Budget: Starting from everything is how much money do you have in your pocket. A great thing about these lavalier mics is that they don't cost as much as other microphones. You don't get a super wide range in pricing ( or even features. ). If you although spend on high-end microphones, you'll see a huge increase in the quality of your audio.

I love using the more costly lav mics since they offer much more high-quality audio. If you're on a budget though, it won't hurt to purchase a cheap or affordable mic to get started with.

Wired or Wireless: There is a huge leap of pricing when you jump from wired to wireless. Both of these have different usage and will suit different sort of people. A lot of people also use a mixture of both options to get the best. You need to figure out what you'd be connecting to ? what will be a source that you'd recording. Would you plug it into a smartphone, or your DSLR, or maybe you aren't even sure yet.

Make sure you are clear on what you're going to use it with before purchasing. Make sure you cross check input and output jack on the recording device and ensuring the mic you're purchasing is compatible.

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