Best Neon Lights to Consider in 2021

Neon lights are the perfect way to add color, spirit and liveliness to your room. They are convenient, non-messy, and beautiful. Plus, what’s more? They are customizable too! They are the newest in-trend for home, workspace, studio, bedrooms, coffee shops, and every kind of room possible to be decorated. They are also used popularly for backdrops to posts and videos on various social media sites.

Neon lights can be incorporated in every style and every form to make rooms look classier, sassier, and cool. Whatsoever may be the style of the room, neon lights are here to add a statement to it. Here’s a list of some of the best neon lights to add glamour and dynamism to your room:

Phrases and Quotes

A tagline, quote, or phrase is the best thing to have in neon. They instantly stand out, create an impression, and express an atmosphere. Phrases in neon lights set inside a room are like bold markers for the energy, vibes, and atmosphere present in the room. Some of the trending quotes ‘Good Vibes Only’, ‘All you need is Love’, ‘Wild and Free’, ‘Live Love Laugh’, and ‘Life is a Party’ are the basic ones to select from.

While these may seem basic, they are enough to liven up the atmosphere in the room and bring in some energy.  Choosing the right colors which go best with your needs and the theme of your room is the key to having a perfect neon tagline in your room. Some of the best places to shop for these lights are Urban Outfitters, Bed Bath and Beyond, (Also available on


‘A single word can mean a lot’. One word boldly highlighted can convey a deep meaning message and stand out for what it is worth. Words like ‘Love’, ‘Adventure’, ‘Happy’, ‘Hard-work’ etc., convey strong personality traits when placed in a personal room for an individual and are great to reinforce an ideology in group spaces.

Vibrant words related to specific themes are great for workplaces, studios, coffee shops, and family living rooms. The best words to add are your names too in personal bedrooms! Having a word splattered in neon is the next best thing to having phrases. They add personality and presence to your room.  They define your tastes and passions. Amazon is the best place to shop for these neon lights.


Place initials of you and your better half on your bedroom wall or make a wall of abstract letters! Neon letters are versatile. They offer a variety of views and perspectives all packed into one. The choice of colors affects the overall look and mood of the room and the people present in the room.

For example, neon blue lettering will make the mood chill and peaceful, whereas red neon lights will bring energy and fire spirit in the room. Needless to say, these are a great addition to your room décor if you are looking for classic and minimalistic glam.

The font is as important as the color, so be wise in selecting the font especially for letters to suit your style and room.  Amazon is the ideal place to shop for these lights. From plain letters to grand decorative motif-filled letters…they have it all! Local stores and neon art studios are also good places to find your pick.

Abstract Designs

A cool and creative way to use neon lights as interior décor is to create abstract designs on room walls. It adds the element of mystery to the room. You can add customized hidden letterings to your abstract neon design. It is a great way to incorporate something unique into your living or workspace.

Abstract designs could be something creative and artistic, a logo, or a branding, or just random doodling. Stands out well enough and adds a touch of eccentricity to your room. Urban Outfitters is one of the best places to shop for along with Love Struck Lights as they offer customized neon lights.


Who doesn’t like rainbows? Well, everyone does! An addition of a neon rainbow light to your room will be the perfect symbol for hope and happiness. It will considerably brighten up the room and the best part is that it could be used in any kind of space, may it be personal or professional.

Neon Rainbow lights which are available in a variety of sizes could be fitted anywhere in a room. A bonus is having all colors of neon lights rather than one if you choose these designs. Amazon offers beautiful rainbow neon lights at affordable prices. Electric confetti is also a good place to shop for these lights.


How does the idea of having the logo of your favorite brand in neon on your wall sound? Exciting isn’t it? With neon lights, creativity has no limits. You could put up a wall art dedicated to your favorite singer or movie or celebrity. It will add a bit of personalization to your space.

This idea suits best for personal bedrooms and living rooms.  Place the lights in a corner or as a centerpiece – they will look great everywhere. Anything could be an inspiration for this. Amazon and Flipkart are good places to shop these from. Ferns N Petals is also a great place to buy customized neon lights.


A great option in neon home décor is to strategically place neon heart lights. They are be-fitting for all age groups; from a child’s room to an adult. They look good in cafes and other places too. Adding a soft feeling of warmth and love; heart neon lights are liked by everyone.

Be mindful of the size, color, and placement for the perfect look! MOMA Store ( offers beautiful soft-lighted neon hearts that will fit all your needs.

Lightning bolt

From the fans of Harry Potter to Thor, we know it all what this is! If you are not a fan, no issues, the lightning bolt neon sign is a great addition to bring in energy and enthusiasm in your room. Choose an electric and bright color to add to your room for this neon sign.

A great alternative is to use this neon sign is as a table lamp (The lightning bolt neon sign with a stand to be used as a table lamp is available on various shopping sites). These lights instantly brighten up space. This one is a definite must-have option in neon lights for your room!

Moon and Stars

This is one of the popular neon light choices for personal bedrooms. Ideally, to be placed above the bed or headboard in bedrooms, this light creates the perfect environment for good sleep. Suits well for kid’s bedrooms and adults as well.

These look pretty like fairytales at night time with its soft glowing lights. Not just limited to bedrooms, the moon neon lights will look great in living, work, and dining spaces too. The touch of the lunar effect looks aesthetic and creative. Shop for these beautiful lights on Amazon.

The Peace Sign or Victory Sign

A cute and friendly neon sign is the peace or victory sign. It is a perfect blend of formal and informal. It is ideal for every type of room ranging from studios to workspaces to living rooms. It creates a casual and welcoming atmosphere along with setting decorum for a place.

Selecting it in white or fluorescent light would go well in every kind of room and add brightness to space. Buy these at any of your favorite stores and ramp up your room.


The light bulb, as it was invented stands for new ideas, innovation, and change. Neon lights the light bulb into a bunch of flashy colors. It is perfect for any kind of space. It looks great in workplaces, work from home spaces, and study spaces. It looks great in the kitchen too!

They are available in a variety of sizes and anywhere in between form simple to very detailed lights. They symbolize creativity, determination, and add an inspirational industrial work feel to the room. and Amazon have a good selection of these to choose from.


Having animal-inspired neon art is another cool way to glam up your room. From Unicorns to dinosaur’s neon lights can add any animal to your room. The animal spirits in neon are cute and adorable and will never make you feel alone.

They fit into any theme and style. Also, they highlight your personality traits and animal love. They look quirky and attractive when placed in colors different than the ones in the room. All for the love of canines and felines! These are available on Etsy and Amazon.


Anime neon lights are a new and interesting concept by They bring Japanese anime characters to life in these amazing neon colors. The perfect choice if you love neon and wish to add something out of the blue and unique to your room.

It is ideal for photography and videography studios too with its vibrant colors and larger than life glow. These neon lights are made to order by and are almost 6-feet tall which makes them a perfect art piece on a wall. Check out the site now and shop for these amazing neon lights!

Table Lamps

An amazing and modernistic way to induce some neon is by having neon table lights. They are totally in trend! Shift ahead from the boring plain table lamps and instead opt for neon ones. These are cost-efficient and convenient.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your tables at work and study spaces. They bring creativity and inspiration. You could use something eccentric or anything that you like as an inspiration for a neon table lamp. These will make your space unique and continue to keep it refreshing and creative for your chores to be done. Amazon has the best neon table lamp lights to offer.


The last one on the list, customized neon lights are the most apt as they provide a very personalized feel to whichever space you add them. Choose your design, size, and color and you have your very own masterpiece for decorating your space.

It is the most ideal for getting company logos and brands designed, to be placed in workspaces. It would highlight the businesses and create unity among co-workers. It is a great option for placing in lobbies and waiting rooms too. Ideal for studios and coffee shops too.

Etsy has many businesses that provide great options for shopping for customized neon lights. and Ferns N Petals are good sites for buying a piece of customized neon lights too.

So, this is the rounded-up list for some of the best neon lights which would be a great addition to your room. From an overall perspective, Amazon has all kinds of neon lights to shop for.

Some other well-known and good brands are Ferns N Petals, Urban Outfitters, Electronic Confetti, and the local studios. Some tips to choose from are to look out for the color and size while buying which goes well with your theme and look of the room. Instead of going impulsively, look at various options and select the right one.

An important thing to remember while buying is that there two types of neon lights available in the market. One is the glass neon light and the other ones are LED neon lights.

The major difference being, glass neon contains mercury which if released in surroundings is very harmful. LED is comparatively is non-harmful as it has light rods that do not get heated up. Look out for quality while shopping for these lights. LED is expensive than glass but it lasts longer, is more durable, and safer to use.

With all this, I hope that you will have a wonderful experience choosing and shopping for the most suitable neon lights for your spaces and personalize and decorate them.

Erwin Cooper

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