List of Best Podcast Headphones To Buy in 2021

Finding the best podcast headphones should definitely start with one question, and that is ‘Are they comfortable?’ Nothing would matter to you more than the comfort that they provide you. You may be wanting to wear the headphone for at least an hour in many cases like an important interview, or editing the podcast.

Also, the sound quality is also an important fact that you would want to consider before you decide to grab one of the podcast headphones. The sound should not just be very clear, but it should also be able to sound very lifelike. There are many headphones that give an artificial sound to the music, and this will distort how your podcast actually sounds in real.

List of Best Podcast Headphones in 2019

best podcast headphones

Sony MDR7506

These are the perfect headphones for recording at home or monitoring at the studio at an affordable price. The ear cups are replaceable while the rugged design shows that these headphones are meant to last. Compared to its competitors in the same price range, this one provides much cleaner and crisper sound. The ear pads are thinner than other headphones with the headphones being lightweight. Since the ear cups are the over-ear ones, it is pretty comfortable for longer periods of time.

Audio Technica ATH-M50x

This one is not a wireless headphone, but it is known to be the best one among the on-ear headphone set. You can buy a Bluetooth adapter if you do not want to use it as a wired headphone. It comes with 3 cables which are detachable. Since they are detachable, they provide easy mobility.

Also, they are adjustable since the earpieces can be rotated up to 90° and are left flat. They are known as the best for comfort. The pads are coated with soft material, which is pretty lightweight. They are not marketed as noise-canceling headphones, but comparatively, to the competitors, it still does a good job.

Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless

These are one of the most stylish on-ear headphones and have the minimalist aesthetic look. It is convenient it gives you both Bluetooth capability as well as a 12-hour long battery life. Grinds are durable enough, replacing the plastic parts of most of the headphones with metal. The headphones which cost much more offer almost the same sound quality. The audio drivers of Skull Candy ensure excellent sound quality for being able to hear the maximum details of the podcast.

Shure SRH440

This one costs just in the two digits in price, but it comprises of many such features that are quintessentially meant for headphones in the higher price range, including the replaceable ear cups. Its 10ft coiled tube makes it perfect for both studios as well as home use. It has closed backs to the ear cups which results in a better reduction of noise as well as lesser sound bleeding. Replaceable ear cups are also there, which means if either of the ear cups gets broken, you have the ability to replace them instead of replacing the entire headset. They come with a bag to protect them.

Grado Prestige Series SR325e Headphones

Grado is a well-known brand for a few of the best headphones in the market. Though they are wireless, they are more on the expensive side of the spectrum. If you are someone looking out for headphones specifically made for the purpose of editing and listening to podcasts, then you really don’t have a better choice than this one. Some people have a problem with them because of the lack of bass support, but if you are focusing on vocals, then this should not be an issue for you.

Audio Technica ATH-M30x

It has almost all the qualities of that of ATH-M50x at a lower price tag. This one is resilient as well as gives good quality for a lower price as compared to others. If compared with its competitors, the customers have noted very insignificant differences. Of course, the sound quality is different, but the difference is quite insignificant. It has a different offer of foldable design for ease of transportation and portability. The closed back ear-cups are an added benefit as they prevent against sound bleeding. The ear cups of this one provides a tight seal and thus prevent sound bleeding from happening. They give you both durability as well as comfort, and also a low price tag.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 (QC35)

This one has proved out to be the best headphones out of all of its competitors. And you can test that by asking the people who have bought this one. There will probably be no one who would say one bad thing about QuietComfort. And, there is a good reason behind this. This one is ideal for many situations, and not specific for podcasts. The noise canceling technology is such that it will allow you to listen in absolute silence, even if you are in the noisiest area. You may be in public area, office or bus and yet you will be able to listen to the sounds as if there is no one around.

In addition, Lithium-ion battery ensures that you are able to listen up to 20 hours on a single charge – it will be able to get you through even if you have the longest day at work.

LyxPro HAS-10

If your budget is restrained to a low amount, then LyxPro is a good option for you. It has both closed backs as well as over-ear pads which can help you reduce noise bleeding. And, this also provides decent exterior noise cancellation when compared to its competitors. It is lightweight and has leather cups rotating. Though they will not be able to provide you the same amount of comfort as the headphones at the higher end of the price spectrum, they are still comfortable enough.

Due to the benefits of closed backs as well as over-ear cups, they make perfect headphones for the studio. The bass won’t be as good as the higher end models, but it is still worth the quality that you are paying for.

Audio Technica ATH-M40x

This headphone is a sibling to the M50x. These are a little cheaper, less flexible and least compromise on the sound quality, but they are still a wonderful choice if you are interested in buying an on-ear podcast headphone.

Like the M50x’s, these ones also provide the best balance between comfort and audio quality. The few differences that make M40x different from M50x are that – the former can only produce audio to 24,000 Hz, has less impedance when compared, and the earcups cannot rotate to 90°.

Harman Kardon CL Precision

This one is for the people who are looking out for headphones which can give them excellent sound quality as well as stylish design. It has a unique design that not only looks beautiful but also makes it look different than the other headphones mentioned in the list. And apart from the look, the foam in the ear cups is beneficial as it makes the headphones very comfortable to wear.

It also provides good enough acoustic seal around the ear such as the sound is clearer and more noise is canceled. Ear cups fit inside the travel case, but with no hinge, they cannot fold up. Also, you get two headbands – in different sizes – to make sure that it fits in any head size.

Bose QuietComfort 25 (QC25)

It is quite similar to the QC35, but if you are looking for something in a lower price range than QC35, then you should definitely not miss this one. Despite the fact that they are not wireless, they still have an appreciably good sound quality and noise canceling technologies just like their more expensive counterparts.

Bose stands true to its brand value as the noise canceling technology is really unique. What they do is that they take up ambient noise from the background or the surroundings, and then emit the opposite resulting in utter silence for the one wearing them. This one is definitely for someone who wants good sound quality at a lower price than QC35.

Sennheiser HD280 Pro

There are two versions for this one: HD280PRO and HD380PRO. They do the same job mostly, but the design has changed as well as the frequency response has had a moderate change. This one is a pair of headphones that are not only affordable but also has the most premium quality. Though they fit within three-digit price zones, this one includes features that you would expect from headphones which were more expensive than this one. It has a comfortable design that is meant for long listening, closed ear cups, and also pretty high decibel for noise isolation.

It is worth noting that there are individually replaceable components because of which the headphones become very durable.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

They are known for producing the best quality audio equipment like DT 770 headphones. They are the ‘industry standard’ in the United Kingdom due to its excellent features like – best audio production, comfort level for long listening hours. Their designs were made to fulfill the requirements of the studio; thus they are great for podcasters who are interesting in editing the audio or for the sound engineers. Also, the ear cups use a closed design which means that they make an effort in reducing the noise from outside (i.e. noise cancellation), as well as stop sound leaks which further helps in audio production.

There are different models available for different factors like powers, jack sizes and others depending on your needs and requirements. Summing up, Beyerdynamic is a good option for you as they are very flexible, and reliable as well. Also, it is used by many radio professionals globally.

Best Podcast Headphones : Buying Guide

Apart from the comfort level and sound quality, there are a lot of features that you may want to keep in your subconscious mind while choosing the best kind of headphone for podcasting. These features include:

Length and Style of cord

By default, you should choose a cord with a longer length than a shorter length. That is because shorter cords limit your motion as they can get tangled. Whereas the longer cords can be coiled up as per your convenience.

Wired or Wireless

This is also an important factor as people have different choices. Some people consider wired beneficial while others consider wireless headphones suitable for them. This one’s totally dependent on the criteria of the one who wants to use the headphones.

Noise Canceling

This is an important feature of the headphones. You definitely would not want your audio to be leaking, in or out, when you are either recording or editing your podcasts. If there is an audio leak during recording, it can cause echoes or feedback through the microphone.


This might not be an important parameter to be considered, but there are people who are skeptical about the looks of the headphones for the podcast. The people who want to create videos of their podcasts want the look and style to be good as well.


You need to consider the devices of your audience as well. ‘What kind of earbuds will your audience be using?’ is the primary question you should be asking. After you are done with recording and editing using your headphones, listen the audio through a pair of earbuds. This will help you know how the audience hears your podcast at their ends.


The cost, of course, remains the most important factor. There are many headphones available, ranging from lowest to highest prices. You should know how much budget you have to buy the headphones.

Hence, this is all about a few of the best podcast headphones available in the market. You can choose according to the parameters necessary for you like – price, wired or wireless, cord length and many other parameters. Some headphones provide the same quality of audio as the higher end. Thus, the choice should be made carefully.

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