Best Recording Studio Chairs to Consider in 2021

Recording studios are places where various musicians and the technicians spend long hours. Making music is a long creative process no matter how short the piece might be. Having the correct furniture is something that is very crucial as no one would like to have an uncomfortable studio experience.

Choosing the chairs for a recording studio is a very tricky job as the studio would require multiple kinds of chairs for the various jobs around the room. If the chair is not proper, it might restrict the musician and sitting on uncomfortable chairs for long periods of time may also lead to physical ailments, along with affecting the whole creative process as well.

Some people might think that after investing large amounts on musical equipment, the chairs need not be given much thought. But this is a very incorrect way to proceed as wrong chairs will lead to difficulties while playing the instrument and an overall uncomfortable experience would reflect badly on the recording studio as a whole.

A studio requires chairs that are not everyday chairs that are available around the house, but specialized ones for musical purposes. Selecting one is a difficult task and here is a list of the best recording studio chairs that are available for different purposes.


An office chair is a must have for all music studios. This is a basic requirement and is a multi-purpose chair type which suffices for multiple roles. The Herman Miller Aeron is something that is found in most of the professional recording studios and is an asset for them. Replete with multiple features, this office chair is truly one of the best out there.


  1. Solid lumbar support, head rest, wheels and an arm rest for maximum comfort.
  2. Curved back provides support.
  3. Adjustable height and angle.
  4. Easy movements because of the wheels.
  5. Attractive and stylish look.


This chair is specially designed for long lasting support and removing chances of back pains. This High Back Office Chair is a suitable choice for people who have to spend long hours sitting at the desk. These chairs are actually very good options for the recording engineers who have to manage the technical aspects of music production. They are key parts of the whole process of music production and their role is no less than that of the musicians.


  1. Padded backrest and cushions
  2. Improves sitting posture
  3. Oil and water resistant
  4. Adjustable height
  5. 360 degree swivel


Konig and Meyers is a very reputed brand in the music industry. Built with an ergonomic bike seat design, it is one of the best and most comfortable stools available in the market. This stool is super useful in the recording space and the attractive look it supports, adds to its general appeal.

Playing a guitar or bass becomes a very tedious and difficult task if the musician is asked to sit on an office chair. Their hands would be restricted by the armrests and the whole process would just be uncomfortable. A music stool is an ideal choice for such purposes, allowing the musician to freely move his arms and his body to engage productively in the creative process.


  1. Thick padding with imitation leather covering.
  2. Spring loaded adjuster
  3. Provides flexibility of movement
  4. Multi-purpose music stool


Fender is a company that needs no introduction in the music world. Their products cater primarily towards guitarists and this product is no different. They do not compromise with the quality of their guitars and this product is also no different.

A bar stool is a necessary equipment for a music studio. Fender truly looks into every aspect that would be necessary for ensuring the best results from the musician.


  1. Attractive retro design
  2. Rubber caps on the legs of the stool
  3. Thick foam padded seats
  4. Compact size
  5. Ring support leg rest


Drum thrones are very versatile seating equipment which along with being a part of the drum kit, can be used for other general purposes around the studio. The Roc and Soc Nitro throne is one of the best drum stools available as it provides the drummer with a very comfortable seating experience. Drum stools can be painful to sit on for extended periods and have led to a lot of back pains among drummers.

Drumming thrones can be a tricky piece of equipment as an uncomfortable one would divert the attention of the musician from his actual artistic process, to finding a position that is not painful.


  1. Thick cushion seating
  2. No squeaking sounds upon movements
  3. Comfortable height
  4. Designed to provide overall comfort


The Tama Ergo Rider is a good option to consider while purchasing drum thrones. Tama drum kits have a reputation of being one of the best kits on the market and their throne also delivers on that front. The metals used to create the stool are also of very high quality which prevents the stool from breaking easily. Drum thrones are very useful pieces of equipment to be had in a music studio as their benefits are endless.


  1. Adjustable swivel
  2. Cushioned seats
  3. Easy dismantling
  4. Promote good posture
  5. Easy transportation


This piece of musical seating equipment has been designed especially for guitarists. The build of the chair is such that it promotes a correct posture for the guitarist while they’re playing their instrument. This is a very unique and useful equipment which allows the guitarist their own spot to practice their craft for extended periods of time.

The rocking motion is also a very slow and calm one which is very relaxing and not something that disturbs or deters the guitarist. This unique equipment is a worthy addition to any music studio providing a great and comfortable experience for the musician. This can be used for casual practicing, song writing or just to relax after a heavy and grueling session of recording.


  1. Solid back support
  2. Steady rocking mechanism
  3. Easy Assembling
  4. Superior comfort levels

Picking chairs for a music studio is a very tedious task as each type of chairs has a different purpose which cannot be fulfilled by others. A chair is a very integral part of the whole music creation process as it ensures a comfortable atmosphere when the correct products are available. Each chair is designed to fulfill a specific purpose around the studio and the lack of them hinders the process.


Choosing the best  that are available in the market is a wise option compared to the cheaper ones because better equipment has more benefits. They are more durable, have more adjustable modes to comply with the needs of every musician, and aid rather than hinder the creative process.

Selecting proper chairs according to their respective purposes is therefore a very crucial part of owning and maintaining a recording studio. Along with providing a comfortable experience, they also serve a unique purpose and a studio which looks after all the demands and welfare of the employees working there are guaranteed to do better on a business perspective.

Erwin Cooper

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