Best Studio Headphones to Consider in 2021

Studios are like a happy and perfect place for any music producer or enthusiast.

They have a complete set of equipment for music where equipment complements each other for giving perfect sound. It isn’t a one gadget job for perfecting the sound, every gadget there has its significance.

Headphones are one of the commonly used and essential gadgets in the studio.  It helps in listening to the details of the song you are creating or listening to.

what do you look for in a studio headphones?

  • Are they comfortable? Headphones should be. When you work for more hours, you should make sure that headphones comfortable for you.
  • Do headphones have noise cancelation? It should. When you are paying a decent amount for headphones you should look for quality products. Background sound changes the essence of the actual sound. It creates distortion.
  • Wired or wireless? It up to personal preference, to be honest. If you like free working space you can go for wireless. when you know you are not going to move, go for wired one, I mean it is all up to you.
  • Do drivers matter? driver plays an important part in an audio product. Choose a good driver for the best sound experience.
  •  Do they look good? I mean don’t get me wrong, but we do go for good looking things. It is a bonus to get good headphones with decent looks.
  • Sound quality? Most important, look for the best sound quality. It should be able to pick clear and perfect sound.

Best Studio Headphones

  1. Sennheiser HD650 open back professional studio headphones
  2. AKG K371
  3. Sennheiser HD 800 reference studio headphones
  4. Focal spirit professional
  5. Beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones
  6. Sennheiser HD 820
  7. AKG Q701 Quincy jones sig premium headphones
  8. Beyerdynamic DT-990 headphones
  9. Beyerdynamic DT 880 pro
  10. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x professional studio monitor headphones
  11. Sennheiser HD280 pro music headphones
  12. Sony MDR-7506 professional large-diaphragm headphones
  13. AKG K240 semi-open studio headphones
  14. Shure SRH1540 headphones
  15. Extreme Isolation EX-29

List of Best Studio Headphones to Consider

Sennheiser HD650 open back professional studio headphones

You probably would have heard of Sennheiser. It is quite an old brand with lots to offer.

It is one of the biggest audio companies. It is a privately held German company that manufactures and sells high-quality products. It sells a wide range of products like telephones, headsets, microphones, and, many other related accessories.

Moving on to headphones, Sennheiser HD650 open back professional studio headphones is one of the glowing studio product

Features :

  • These are one of the smartest picks. It looks stylish and compact with a metallic finish.
  • They offer outstanding and perfect sound quality. You hear high-quality sound with minimal interference of noise.
  • These are circumaural headphones.
  • These are super light and easy to handle.
  • It offers perfect and immersive sound quality. They tried to minimize the background noise for a better user experience. It minimizes distortion in the sound.
  • It helps you catch and detect the smallest beat.
  • These have aluminum voice coils. It has an optimized magnetic system.
  • You are provided with connecting cables.
  • It comes with connectors of 3.5.
  • These are open and dynamic headphones.

AKG K371

Another popular brand popping up, AKG is one of the finest acoustic brands.

It is a company from Austria that manufactures and sells acoustic and related accessories. It is a company from 1947 that still stands the same with increased customer family.

AKG K371 is one of the popular headphones for studios by AKG. It is popular for its quality and features.

Features :

  • These are over-ear headphones with closed back.
  • These are stylish and sleek headphones. These headphones come with a black finish and are precisely designed.
  • These are foldable headphones so you can easily fit these in a compact space. Portable.
  • These offer superior sound and performance.
  • It has soft ear pads to provide maximum comfort. These pads are durable and offer minimal bass leakage.
  • It offers slow retention.

Sennheiser HD 800 reference studio headphones

Features :

  • These are open-back headphones.
  • They are stylish and comfortable to use. It has an attractive design.
  • These are circum-aural dynamic headphones.
  • It has advanced driver technology.
  • It has outstanding sound quality. You will love the sound.
  • It minimizes the distortion.
  • It reduces the background sound for a better user experience.
  • It catches small beats for presenting the best quality sound to the audience.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones

Beyerdynamic is one of the oldest acoustic brands around the time. this company was established in 1924. It is a German company and has its headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany.

Beyerdynamic is known for providing high-quality products. It has a wide range of products ready to be shipped like headphones, microphones, audio systems, and other related accessories. After using Beyerdynamic you surely will have some positive opinion.

Talking about Beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones, these are one of the popular products by Beyerdynamic for studios. These headphones are known for the sound quality they offer.

Features :

  • These headphones are attractive, sleek, stylish, and look durable.
  • These are closed-back headphones. Basically, these are circum-aural resulting in professional sound.
  • They offer innovative bass.
  • It has great and clear sound quality and picks up small beats too.
  • It minimizes the distortion as well as reduces background noises for the better quality of sound.
  • These are comfortable and have soft ear pads. If you by any chance mess up the earpads, these can be replaced easily.

Sennheiser HD 820

Sennheiser HD 820 is known for its extraordinary performance and sound experience.

Features :

  • These are closed-back headphones.
  • These provide dynamic stereo.
  • These are stylish and trendy. It has a sleek finish. It has glass-covered earcups that give it usual yet innovative design.
  • It provides audiophile sound quality.
  • You experience minimal resonance. It offers clear and clear sound.
  • It helps in blocking background noise or unwanted sound and gives us purified sound

AKG Q701 Quincy jones sig premium headphones

AKG Q701 Quincy jones sig premium headphones are another one from AKG that is known for a good experience.

Features :

  • These headphones come with an unusual design that looks somewhat trendy and stylish. It has a premium quality.
  • These are over-ear headphones.
  • These are lightweight and are easy to use.
  • It offers good sound quality with a perfect balance of base.
  • It minimizes the distortion and other unwanted sounds from the background.

Beyerdynamic DT-990 headphones

Beyerdynamic has another well-known headphone that seems a good option for the studio.

Features :

  • These are lightweight and stylish headphones.
  • These offer great sound reproduction and excellent performance.
  • These are open diffuse field headphones.
  • These are robust.
  • It offers fine quality of sound and tries to minimize external sounds that might affect the quality.
  • These are extremely comfortable and have soft earcups. Earcups are replaceable, you can change them after some time. Nearly all the parts of these headphones can be replaced.
  • It has a single-sided coiled cable. It offers a good length of cable, it is 9.8 feet long.

Beyerdynamic DT 880 pro

Another one by Beyerdynamic ready for the studio.

Features :

  • These headphones are edgy and decent with good built quality.
  • It comes with a natural and vibrant sound.
  • These are semi-open headphones. These are diffuse-field studio headphones.
  • These are 250-ohm headphones.
  • These are comfortable to use, it has soft earcups to provide comfort and ease.
  • The headband is adjustable and padded so to make it comfortable for the user.
  • It provides analytical sound. The sound is clear with minimal distortion.
  • It tries to minimize the background sounds or noises to a decent level.
  • It comes with a single-sided coiled cable that is 3.0 meters long.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x professional studio monitor headphones

Audio-Technica is a fine company. It is a Japanese company that manufactures, designs, and sells audio equipment. It is an early 1962 company and offers products like headphones, microphones, magnetic cartridges, and related gadgets.

Moving on to the product by Audio-Technica, Audio-Technica ATH-M50x professional studio monitor headphones are one the best-selling product. It is known for its quality.

Features :

  • These headphones look classy, stylish, and trendy.
  • It is made of premium quality to offer durability and comfort to the user.
  • these headphones offer sonic performance.
  • It comes with 45mm drivers. It has an aluminum wire voice coils and earth magnets.
  • It offers exceptionally good clarity. It provides a frequency range that has accurate bass and deep response.
  • It comes with a detachable cable. These are one-sided cables.
  • It has a comfortable feel due to soft and adjustable earcups and headband. These earcups have one-ear monitoring, these are professional grade. These are durable and replaceable.

Sennheiser HD280 pro music headphones

Another Sennheiser studio headphone, Sennheiser did pull this quite perfectly.

Features :

  • These are dynamic stereo headphones. These are closed ones.
  • These look decent with a completely black finish.
  • These are lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • It comes with an ergonomic design.
  • These have a one-sided cable that usually comes between 3.3 feet to 9.8 feet. These are coiled.
  • It is comfortable earcups. It has an adjustable and comfortable headband to provide user comfort.
  • Nearly all the parts are replaceable. Earcups, headband, and cables are replaceable through they ensure a 24-month warranty.

Sony MDR-7506 professional large-diaphragm headphones

Sony is quite a popular brand known for a long time. It has millions of users all around the world.

It is a Japanese company that eas founded in 1946. It is an overall brand that has a good grasp of electronics. It manufactures and sells high-quality electronic products.

Sony MDR-7506 professional large-diaphragm headphones are one of the popular headphones.

Features :

  • These are decent in looks.
  • These have a foldable design.
  • These are closed-ear headphones that provide comfort as well as minimizes external noises or sounds. It helps you focus more.
  • It comes with gold plated 3.5mm or 6.5mm adapters.
  • It has neodymium magnets that offer powerful and clear sound. It shares the best quality sound.
  • It comes with a soft case that goes well with traveling.
  • It has a one-sided cord that is 9.8 feet long. It has a gold-plated plug at the end of the cord.

AKG K240 semi-open studio headphones

These are headphones by AKG for studios.

Features :

  • These are semi-open studio headphones that are known for good quality sound.
  • These look stylish and trendy. It has gold color detailing on an all-black theme. It looks charming.
  • These are professional headphones.
  • It comes with one-sided cables that are 3M long. These can be easily replaced.
  • It has soft earcups that provide comfort to the user.
  • It has a soft headband that can be adjusted.

Shure SRH1540 headphones

Shure is by far one of the oldest companies for headphones. It has advanced a lot with time. It is a company from the United States and is known for its high-quality products.

It manufactures, designs, and sells microphones and headphones.

Shure SRH1540 headphones is a popular studio headphone by Shure.

Features :

  • These are over-ear headphones.
  • These look decent with a completely black finish.
  • These are lightweight. These are made of carbon fiber to provide durability.
  • These are closed-back headphones and have a circumaural design.
  • It comes with a steel driver frame and vented center that improves the quality of listening.
  • These are really comfortable with soft earcups and headband. The headband is completely adjustable for comfort.
  • It offers perfect sound and avoids external noises for the best sound experience.

Extreme Isolation EX-29

This is a product by Direct Sound. It is a company from the United States. It offers a decent quality product and is mainly into manufacturing and selling acoustic products.

Extreme Isolation EX-29 is one of the headphones suitable for studios.

Features :

  • These look way more stylish than expected. It comes with a bright combination of white, black, and red.
  • These are dynamic and closed-back headphones.
  • These are extremely comfortable and are fully adjustable. These are fully padded for comfort
  • It comes with closed back drivers.
  • These offer quality sound and provide natural passive isolation for the actual sound.

These were some of the headphones that go perfectly with studios.

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