Best Studio Monitor Stands to Consider in 2021

See there is no limit when you are down for one thing and in case of studio setup it should be worth all of it.

We wouldn’t like studio equipment messed like life.

If you are a music enthusiast and have a beautiful studio, why not add professional touches to it? How would you do it? By making things precise there.

Nobody likes a mess of wires, the equipment here and there, it is just not professional. You can start that by composing your wires and different audio equipment.

Here comes the use of a stand.

You might ask what is the use of a stand when we can easily place it on the floor, rack, or something?

  • It changes the quality of the sound.
  • It helps in isolating audio signals, it also reduces cabinet vibrations.
  • If you are all in it, you wouldn’t risk sound abnormalities and distortions.
  • To maintain the integrity of sound we use a stand, and it is more comfortable for us too. You can always adjust it according to your preference.

What should an ideal stand look like?


It is one of the most important features to consider. A universal size of any product set up has a standard to obey. Having an adjustable stand is a flex. You can match your comfort and set accordingly if you want to sit or stand.

Weight of monitor

It is important to consider the monitor’s weight.

If you went for a heavy monitor and stand wouldn’t be able to keep it together, it will imbalance your studio monitor too. That is not the sign we are looking for.


We are not looking for 4 days of good times. After 6 months or so you start seeing rust or things like that, it is a warning of bad quality and built so keep good eyes on quality.

These are some of the important points to keep in mind. Anyways, I have made it easy for you to choose a great stand for your studio monitor.

List of Best Monitor Stands

  1. Definitive technology professional 600/800
  2. VideoSecu 2
  3. Ultimate support MS-100B
  4. Onstage SMS600-P
  5. Ultimate Support JSMS70
  6. IsoAcoustics ISO-155 studio monitor stands
  7. DR Pro SMS1BK
  8. Raxxess ERSS-42e
  9. K&M 21300 Heavy Duty
  10. Gator Frameworks clamp-on studio monitor stands
  11. Ultimate Support MS-90/36
  12. Argosy classic 36” studio monitor stands
  13. Gator GFW-SPK-2000
  14. Ultimate support MS-100B studio monitor stands
  15. Argosy Spire 420i studio monitor stands
  16. Vivo stand-SPO3B
  17. Atlantic satellite 77305018

List of 15+ Best Monitor Stands

Definitive technology professional 600/800

Starting with this stand with the highest rating by Definitive technology.

Definitive Technology is a popular brand that is known for manufacturing, designing, and selling soundbars, headphones, theater audio systems, and many other related accessories. The products by Definitive technology are known for quality and user comfort. It is an American company.

Definitive technology professional 600/800 is a stand for studio monitors and is quite helpful for users.


  • These are high-quality stands with sleek design and black finish.
  • These stands offer firm grip.
  • These are balanced and keep your monitor intact and safe.
  • You can adjust these according to your need and preference.
  • These are easy to assemble. You can easily use these.

HAWK Proaudio heavy monitor stand

Pro audio brand is another well-known company that is known for manufacturing musical instruments, audio equipment, and many related accessories. It has a wide range of products to sell.

HAWK Proaudio heavy monitor stand is popular stand made for comfort and the best possible support.

It has many valuable features:

  • It comes as a set of 2
  • These are heavy and are made of good material to provide durability.
  • The dimensions are 7.6 x 7.6 x 132.2 cm.
  • It is adjustable.
  • These are easy to move and give full support to your studio monitors.

VideoSecu 2 Heavy duty 

VideoSecu is another brand with a good product.

It is a studio monitor stand by VideoSecu and these stands are known for durability and comfort.

It has some good features:

  • These are adjustable satellite speaker stands.
  • These are stylish and sleek. It has a black finish with steel support and finishing.
  • The top plate can also be adjusted and has adjustable side clampings.
  • It offers perfect stability.

Ultimate support MS-100B

Ultimate Support is a popular brand known specifically for designing support solutions for musicians and studios and has its own brand value around.

Ultimate support MS-100B is a fine quality stand by Ultimate support

It has some noticeable features:

  • These stands look premium and sleek and have black finishing.
  • It comes with an easily adjustable angle and axis. These make using a studio monitor easy and comfortable.
  • It comes with 3 channels that are used for weight management and cables.
  • It has a support design and you won’t feel any discomfort using it.
  • It has decoupling and sonic isolation.

Onstage SMS6000-P

Onstage India is a big name in this field. It is known as the largest store for music appliances and products.

It sells many types of equipment like keyboards, drums, guitars, and other studio equipment.

Onstage SMS6000-P is a decent studio stand by Onstageindia. This stand has many features:

  • These are small and sleek stands with a black finish.
  • These stands are height adjustable. It has height positions at every four inches.
  • It is a 3-point triangle base for providing wider support.
  • These are easy to move and keep your studio monitor safe.

Ultimate Support JSMS70

This is another product by ultimate support for your studio monitors.

It has a few noticeable features:

  • These stands are sleek and stylish with black finishing.
  • Heights can be adjusted according to your comfort height.
  • It comes with locking pins that make sure of stability. It also looks for accurate height.
  • It comes with floor spikes and has rubber feet for firmness.
  • It has a square base for more support.

IsoAcoustics ISO-155 studio monitor stands

IsoAcoustics is a decent brand that deals with isolation technology and offers isolation for studio monitors and speakers.

IsoAcoustics ISO-155 studio monitor stands are one of the decent products by Isoacoustics.

It has many features:

  • These are small and adjustable stands that have many parts to put together.
  • It helps in increasing and improving monitoring accuracy.
  • These are isolating speaker stands so it offers better focus and fine bass.
  • It has enhanced design and has great height adjustment measures.
  •  It also has a tilt adjustment.


DR Pro SMS1BK is another well-known studio monitor stand. It offers great comfort and adjustments.

It has many features like:

  • These sleek stands are sturdy.
  • These are adjustable and quite comfortable for the user.

Raxxess ERSS-42e

Raxxess ERSS-42e is a well-known decent quality stand that is a comfortable option for studios and homes too.

Features :

  • These are simple and decent studio stands with a black finish.
  • These are long and as of normal universal height.
  • These are easy to use and can be shifted easily.
  • You can choose these too.

K&M 21300 Heavy Duty speaker stand

K&M is another brand that makes stands for many musical and normal appliances.

Features :

  • It is a simple stand with perfectly balanced sub stands and has a black finish.
  • It is professionally used and is the most universal design.
  • It has tube legs and has double cross-braces.
  • It is durable and is made of steel.
  • It has a push-button system. It also has a hand crank that avoids uncontrolled motion.
  • These can be one of the supposed choices and you won’t regret choosing these.

Gator Frameworks clamp-on studio monitor stands

Gatorframeworks is a decent brand and is well-known for manufacturing and selling stands for music, lighting, and many other appliances. It offers great quality products.

Gator Frameworks clamp-on studio monitor stand is a stand from Gatorframework for studio monitors.

Features :

  • These stands are extremely stylish and have a sleek design.
  • These stands have attractive build and come with a black finish.
  • It has a node for adjusting according to your preference or comfort.
  • These stands fit easily with any surrounding and fit studio speakers both horizontally and vertically.
  • It has a soft EVA-lined surface.
  • These are easy to use and offer the best stability for the monitors.

Ultimate Support MS-90/36 B

Ultimate support ms-90/36b are other stands for studio monitors available. These are also under good quality products.

It has some key features to look at.


  • These stands are hell lot stylish and sleek. It has black finishing.
  • These are professional column stands for a studio monitor and offers sonic isolation. It also provides decoupling.
  • It comes with non-marring decoupling pads.
  • It has 3 channels for weight management and cable.
  • It has great support design and has rubber attachments to provide grip and firmness.
  • It is available in 2 heights. These are not adjustable though.
  • It mainly comes in 2 colors- black and red. You can choose the color you like or which will suit your house decor.

Argosy classic 36” studio monitor stands

Argosy console is a great brand and company that offers quality products. Argosy console is known for manufacturing and designing furniture, desks, consoles, and workstations. It is known for its technical and stylish furniture. You will love the furniture from here and it also keeps your electronics precise and intact.

Argosy classic 36” studio monitor stands is a classic example of a stylish yet professional.


  • It has a basic design. It gives a minimalist appearance.
  • It offers convenient positioning and angling.
  • It offers ideal height stands for your studio monitors.
  • It offers high quality.
  • These are easy to use and can be assembled easily.

Gator GFW-SPK-2000

Gator GFW-SPK-2000 comes from the gator framework and shows an impressive piece of work right here. It is known for its build and quality.

Features :

  • It is simple with a black finish.
  • It looks like a tripod but with smaller legs. These are adjustable and comfortable to use.
  • It has an adjustable neck, you can adjust according to your preferences. It goes up to 81 inches.
  • These are aluminum studio monitor stands. It comes with a collapsible design that is easy to put together.
  • It comes with a dual-diameter.

Ultimate support MS-90/45 B studio monitor stands

Another stand from Ultimate support that is used for balancing your studio monitor perfectly.

These are from ultimate support so you are safe from messy quality.


  • These look professional and sophisticated.
  • It comes in 2 color variants: black and red.
  • These are properly balanced and maintain balance too and comes with a good grip.
  • It has 2 universal and is not adjustable to maintain integrity.

Argosy Spire 420i studio monitor stands

Argosy console’s another stand named Argosy Spire 420i studio monitor stands is a beauty with minimal efforts. It has nearly all the features of a stand for studio monitors.


  • These are a bit different from other stands look-wise. It has a stylish and funky design and a black finish.
  • It has a sturdy design and helps your studio monitor in balancing.
  • It has IsoAcoustic technology.
  • These are easy to use and assemble.

Vivo stand-SPO3B

Vivo is a popular brand to start with. If you are not sure, you just have to walk a few steps to realize the holding of Vivo everywhere, quite a marketing.

Vivo stand-SPO3B from Vivo for studio monitor.


  • These pairs of stands look elegant and stylish and will properly fit into your studios or rooms decor.
  • These are made of premium quality aluminum and glass for a glossy and elegant finish.
  • It works great for bookshelf speakers, satellite speakers, etc.
  • It can support weight up to 22lbs.
  • It has removable carpet spikes that offer a sturdy and balanced foundation. It also helps in internal cable management.
  • It keeps your workplace clean, precise, and tidy.
  • It is easy to assemble and use.

Atlantic satellite 77305018

Atlantic satellite 77305018 stands are another fine piece in this list. These are attractive stands for a studio monitor that perfectly does its job.


  • These are super stylish, I mean look at these. It has a black finish and a cast-iron construction.
  • These are adjustable stands and easily fits most satellite speakers.
  • It provides a sturdy and firm grip with a balanced platform for supporting the studio monitor.
  • It is quite easy to assemble its pieces.

I have listed the best-preferred stands, choose wisely

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