Best Waves plugins 2021: essential Waves effects to sound pro.

Audio plugins are used to enhance the functionality of the digital audio workstation.  Audio plugins enhance audio-related functionality such as digital signal processing or sound synthesis.

Waves plugins are the world’s best audio plugins.  The reviews about waves plugins are also quite good.

Waves plugins are the World’s best and high-quality audio plugins.  There are many best waves plugins available for you which are created by top producers, mixers, DJs, live sound engineers, etc.,

Once you record, program, and arrange the individual elements of a track in your digital audio workstation, then it is time to think about getting a good mix sounding.

The accessing of powerful mixing plugins is quite complicated.  At times, you may struggle to find where to start with.

Your digital audio workstation already contains adequate mixing effects.  But it is essential to add some extra spice to your recordings.

Certain premium third-party offerings help you to accomplish this task of adding extra spice to your recordings.  Waves plugins prove to be your savior in this work.

There are many best waves plugins available in the market for you to purchase.  You may get confused when you try to choose the best waves plugins.

Ultimate list of Best Waves Plugins

So, let’s have a closer look at some of the best waves plugins in the market.  This analysis helps you to choose the plugins that suit you the best.

Waves Submarine 

Waves Submarine has plenty of unique features.  The two main attractive features of this plugin are clean and powerful sub-bass generation and intuitive controls.

The existing low frequencies of a signal can be enhanced by regular equalizers or bass-boosting plugins.

But a subharmonic generator can surpass this feature more easily.  It synthesizes entirely new bass content based on the pitch of the input signal.  Waves are proven experts in this department

Being the experts in this department, Waves has released various bass enhancement tools in the past.  Yet, Waves Submarine proves to be the best tool among the tools they have released so far.

Waves Submarine analyses the carrier, pitch, formants, and dynamics of the incoming audio.  This is done with the help of the Organic ReSynthesis tech used by them.

Then, by using the collected information, Waves Submarine generates two independent sub-bass signals, one and two octaves below the original pitch.

There are enough tweakable parameters in the front panel of the Submarine to tailor things to taste.

You can restrict the span of triggering frequencies at the input by using the Min and Max sliders.  You can sum the new content to Mono for stereo compatibility.

The one-knob compressor helps you to customize the Dynamics.

With the help of the Drive knob, you can dial in harmonic distortion.  Waves Submarine is excellent at bolstering low-end instruments like kicks and basslines.

This adds clean and defined low end wherever needed.

This waves plugin proves to be quite useful in fattening breakbeats and beefing up special FX.  With all these features packed in it, Waves Submarine becomes a must-own for sound designers.

It is also quite useful for sub-bass junkies.  Hence, Waves Submarine is one of the best waves plugins.

Waves InPhase

Waves InPhase is a famous waves plugin that is widely used by plenty of people.

Waves InPhase is a supreme surgical phase-alignment tool.  It is mainly famous for its razor-sharp phase metering and manipulation.

If you get your phase alignment wrong, your mix suffers a lot. There is a chance of the waveforms partially cancelling each other out when two recordings of the same signal don’t line up perfectly.

This ultimately results in phase cancellation and nasty comb-filtering artefacts.

You can avoid the phase problems generally at the initial tracking stage itself.  Yet, Waves InPhase helps you to fix the alignment issues come mixdown itself in a better way when compared with other plugins.

This plugin comes as a pack of eight components.  Each component can be used for different phase-correcting scenarios.

Waves InPhase is mainly designed for three scenarios and they are listed below.

First, it helps you to nudge the phase of two mono tracks.

For example, a Dled and amped guitar signal.  Next, it helps you to shift the left and right channels of a single stereo track.

This feature proves to be highly useful for you when mastering.

Next, it helps you to align a stereo track to a sidechain source.  For example, it helps you in locking stereo drum overheads to a snare top recording.

The phase is visualized through the correlation meter and the dual waveform displays more effectively.  You can shift the track’s phase manually either earlier or later.

Waves InPhase also comes with a bit of a learning curve.  You can master this with proper practice.  Then it becomes the solution for fixing the out-of-phase audio.

Hence, with all these unique features Waves InPhase has become the favorite waves plugin for plenty of people.

Waves Torque

Waves Torque is one of the widely used waves plugins in the market.  It is mainly famous for its real-time drum shifting which is quite impressive.

It also provides zero latency for live use.

Usually, drums prove to be the backbone for all the tracks.  Although they always don’t have the obvious pitch, their correct tuning is quite significant.

You should make sure that you never fail to tune your drum kit properly before you start recording.

If it is not tuned properly, then you have to repitch it to fit the rest of your music and note that this repitching task proves to be a nightmare.  Waves Torque is a unique drum tone shifter plugin.

It tracks the amplitude, carrier, and formant content of the input signal.

Then, it allows you to shift the drum hit’s pitch in real-time, with a degree of artefact-free cleanliness and precision.  This task can be accomplished with the help of this plugin more effectively.

One main advantage of using this plugin is that operating the Waves Torque is quite simple.

You have to set the Focus slider around the fundamental or second harmonic of the drum hit, on the display.  Then you can retune by sweeping the main Torque knob.

If you want to keep the transient intact, you can adjust the onset of the shifting.  This can be done using the Speed slider.

Noticeable artefacts are introduced by extreme shifting.

Generally, the transient detail and tone are preserved by Waves Torque at low to medium settings.  Another main feature of this plugin is the zero-latency operation.

Waves Torque proves to be extremely useful for you not only in the studio but also in live scenarios.  Hence, it is clear that Waves Torque is the best plugin that has plenty of features and works more effectively.

Waves H-Delay Hybrid Delay

H-Delay is a famous waves plugin and it has a wide range of users.  It has tons of unique and attractive features.  One of the main advantages of using this plugin is that it has a broad range of echo and modulation effects.

It is a great-sounding ‘analogue’ delay plugin.

A good delay plugin is an essential tool that has a significant place in the toolbox of a DAW-based musician.  This plugin gives you the ability to create everything.

You can create all the things starting from straight-up repeats and wild dub echoes to modulation effects.  It helps you to accomplish tasks such as phasing and flanging more effectively.

H-Delay is used by many people for nearly ten years.  It is one of the best waves plugins when compared with other plugins in the industry.  You can sync this plugin to the tempo of your digital audio workstation.

This plugin allows you to flip the polarity of the left or right channels or you can engage Ping-Pong mode for left-to-right action.

Both the sound and the simplicity of operation of this plugin has a hardware flavor, as a part of their Hybrid Line of analogue-inspired tools.

You can sweep or automate the delay time.  This results in the change of the delay line’s pitch in real-time.  This change ultimately leads to the facilitation of wobbling and dub effects.

H-Delay is extremely good at high-feedback ‘dub’ and lo-fi echo effects.  Another main attractive feature of this plugin is that it has a sweet spot that is extremely broad.

It is a unique plugin and it is a simple-to-use delay with analogue mojo.

All these unique features and facilities of this plugin make it to be one of the best waves plugins in the industry.

Waves Brauer Motion

Waves Brauer Motion is famous for its various unique features.  It is widely used by many people because it is a great Uber-flexible ‘3D’ panning tool.

One main task everyone wants to accomplish more effectively is stereo sound design.  Waves Brauer Motion is extremely good at stereo sound design.

Using this plugin gives you a lot of advantages.  One main advantage is that it automatically moves your source signal back and forth in the left-to-right ‘2D’ field.

Another advantage is that it helps you to manipulate the front-to-back motion by employing psychoacoustic trickery.

The start, stop, and change in relation to the input signal of the motion is defined by the triggers which also includes an external sidechain signal.

It is a real-head spinner that is perfect and fully-featured for stereo sound design.  All these unique features of this plugin make it to be one of the top waves plugin in the market.

API 2500 Compressor Plugin

API 2500 Compressor Plugin is a widely used plugin that comes with different kinds of unique features.  API 2500 Compressor Plugin comes with versatile controls to suit various kinds of the source material.  This plugin also has a warm, analogue tone.

It is one of the best and most versatile bus compressors in the market.

It is the Waves’ official software recreation.  It is extremely good at emulating the revered design, behavior, and tone of the original hardware.

It contains a trio of Thrust options which helps you to do ’tilt’ filtering more uniquely and effectively.

In this plugin, you can find, plenty of scope for the customization of the input sidechain signal.

You can do this customization with the help of the three knee settings.

When it comes to the task of imparting individual sounds and sub-mixers, API 2500 Compressor Plugin proves to be the best.

API 2500 Compressor Plugin helps you to accomplish this task more effectively.  Hence, the API 2500 Compressor Plugin is extremely popular and it is used by plenty of people.

Waves F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ

Waves F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ is widely used by many people in the industry.  It is quite excellent in surgical shaping.  This is because it comes with a lot of options for surgical shaping.

Everyone needs a perfect tool for tasks like surgical frequency-sculpting tasks.  All the producers need this dynamic EQ in hand to accomplish the above-mentioned task.

F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ is much more powerful when compared with other tools in the market.

It comes with six “floating” bands.  They are used for static boosts or cuts.  Each band is dynamic.  Every band can be turned into a frequency-specific compressor or expander.

It comes with various unique features.  It gives you different options for parallel processing.  It gives you wet or dry options to accomplish this task.

The plugin also comes with an FFT-based spectral analyzer.  This spectral analyzer is customizable.

It has a wide range of users in the industry.  All the features and facilities of this plugin make it to be one of the famous plugins used by many people.

Waves plugins have world-class quality and it is quite famous in the industry when compared with other audio plugins.  The reviews and ratings about these plugins are quite good.

There are a lot of options for you to choose from in the market which may get you confused.  This analysis helps you to choose the plugin which suits you the best.

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