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If you want your YouTube channel to be taken seriously and increase your number of subscribers, you need to make sure your content is not only engaging but that it looks professional right from the get-go.

Your content should make sense and should be appealing to the viewers and this can only happen when your videos and information are appropriate and moreover there is a clarity in your videos which attract views and subscribers.

In order to make your video attractive, you need to have few setups and equipment to be a serious youtuber.

As we all know YouTube works highly on user generated content and earn its most of the revenue with the help of people and it is the most used platform for generating own content and attract people with roughly more than millions of people.

You might think that the platform is just for gamers, beauty influencers, or shock jocks, but that’s not the case. There are a number of companies investing in video content and for good reason. Approximately 87 percent of people say they want to see more video content from brands in 2019, so if you’re building a personal brand or starting a digital or social media marketing agency, 2020 is the year to start your own YouTube channel.

However, for your brand to be taken seriously you have to have the right equipment to create professional looking video content. This includes a good vlogging camera, microphone, and editing software. I will mention certain products which you will be needing to create your own YouTube channel.

Best Equipments Needed for Youtube Setup :


Starting out, many beginner YouTubers use a webcam and smartphone. That is fine, and you might choose to follow that path, but once the channel begins to grow you will have to invest in a better camera, like a mid-range DSLR.

When comparing products, don’t think that you have to purchase the most expensive one in order to get great results, but you do have to make sure it records at least 1080p video.

DSLRs are favoured among YouTubers because of their high-quality results. They have great adaptability in low light situations and provide polished video recording quality. Here are some of my recommendations for the best camera for your YouTube channel starter kit:

Canon EOS 70D:

Canon EOS 70D for my Cereal Entrepreneur content has a 20.2MP APS-C (22.5 x 15 mm) Dual Pixel CMPS AF sensor and an ISO range of up to 25,600. It also has 19 cross-type autofocus points to ensure fast and accurate autofocus for clear video.

In addition to the incredible image quality, this camera will give your videos tonal range and clarity with minimal noise interruption. The camera also includes built-in Wi-Fi technology and an accompanying camera connection app to make sharing and remote shooting even easier.

Canon G7X Mark ii:

The Canon G7X Mark ii is a great camera for traveling and getting high-quality images and video. It is SUPER compact and even has a screen that flips up for more of a “selfie mode” style of shot, making it great for vlogging. One downside is that the mic on the camera isn’t the best, so make sure to get a Lavaliere mic setup OR a mobile recorder and external mic.

Some other key features include:

  • 20.1-megapixel 1-inch sensor
  • Full HD 60p video recording
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Digi 7 processor
  • Raw shooting
  • f/1.8-f/2.8 high quality lens
  • 4.2x optical zoom (24-100mm equivalent)

Webcam: Logitech HD Pro C920

If you’re just starting out and want a cheap setup for YouTube videos, then a webcam might be a good place to start. If you want to produce videos that do not require as much production value, then a webcam is recommended.

With the Logitech HD Pro C920, you can shoot videos at your desk, film company meetings, or even do livestream Q&As. These low-production projects are perfect for this camera. I would actually recommend a webcam over other cameras for live streaming, since they can be directly connected to your computer.

This camera offers full HD video recording up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, with H.264 video compression and automatic low-light correction and precise autofocus. It also has dual stereo mics built right in that automatically reduce outside noise.

You will need to use this is a laptop or desktop with a USB port, Windows 7 or later, or Mac OS 10.6 or later, so this rates as one of the cheapest YouTube setup equipment options. The device itself is also pretty flexible, with a tripod-ready universal clip that fits all laptops and LCD monitors. If you also need something that can pan and tilt, this Logitech webcam does the job.


Once you’ve got a good camera, it’s crucial to get equipment that produces audio quality to complement the quality of your video. Viewers will not stay engaged with your content if the quality of sound is bad.

I don’t recommend using built-in laptop or camera microphones, as they usually have bad audio quality due to the fact that they are not able to record or eliminate ambient sounds effectively. That means the next important tool you need to get the best

YouTube setup is a good microphone. There are several types you can choose from when it comes to audio for basic equipment for video shooting: USB, Condenser, Shotgun, and lapel. Finding the perfect microphone depends on your needs.

Fifine USB Microphone K668

The Fifine USB Microphone K668 is a desk mic that’s perfect for any desktop shooting you will be doing. It plugs right into your computer and records directly. It’s also compatible with Windows and Mac.

It doesn’t require any additional software to be installed and is easily portable and simply requires a USB port. The mic uses advanced omnidirectional pick-up technology to cancel distracting noise and isolate the main sound source and vocals, meaning it will record studio-quality audio every time.

Shotgun Microphone

Shotgun microphones are a popular, high-quality option for video recording with a small, professional camera. They’re made with shock mounts that help reduce the noise that comes from mechanical vibrations around the mic.

Another important feature of a Shotgun mic is its ability to focus on capturing clear sounds and vocals directly in front of it, so it doesn’t pick up a lot of ambient sounds on the sides and behind the mic, even when recording outdoors.

Rode VMGO VideoMic Go

The Rode VMGO VideoMic Go is a lightweight microphone that attaches right onto your camera and is the perfect product for shooting videos on the go or in a studio.

It would be a great companion to a vlogging camera, this mic doesn’t require any batteries and simply plugs into your camera’s external microphone input.

Rode VideoMicro

This tiny mic is SUPER compact and great for traveling. Despite its size, the Rode VideoMicro gets the same high-quality sound as the Rode VMGO and even comes with a windshield. It’s another great option for a vlogging camera.


It’s important to invest in a sturdy, reliable tripod for your YouTube setup equipment to ensure the safety of your camera. A tripod is generally the more affordable choice. Many of them don’t go over $100 and are still able to do pretty well, depending on the weight of your camera setup.

However, it’s still advisable to invest in a sturdier, more reliable tripod that can last long and to ensure the safety of your camera equipment.

iKan E-Image EG01A2

The iKan E-Image EG01A2 ($169) is a great, low-cost, quality tripod that can handle most DSLRs and camcorders. It can hold up to 11lbs and is capable of extending its legs higher than 5 feet, so you can shoot from interesting vantage points. It’s also super handy and compact as it can collapse down to 33 inches and merely weighs 10lbs so it’s easy to pack and carry when you’re on the go.

No matter how steadily you try to hold the camera, handheld shooting will produce shaky and jarring videos. Gimbals are specialized stabilizers that are built with motors or weights to carefully balance your camera and smoothen out your videos, even if you purposely make big and sudden movements.

This is particularly helpful for YouTubers who are using lightweight cameras like GoPros and are constantly moving. The iKan FLY X3-Plus Gimbal Stabilizer ($69.99) is perfect if you’re going to use lightweight mirrorless and action cameras.

It has a 3-axis stabilizer system with brushless motors that will really smoothen out your camera movements and has battery life that can last up to 5 hours. For a motorized gimbal, it’s definitely a great investment that’s worth the price.


Lighting equipment is necessary if you’re primarily recording indoors and in dimly lit areas. Even if you’re shooting where there’s ample ambient light, lighting equipment can modify the mood and even out the brightness of your setup. I find that lighting is often overlooked when it comes to YouTube equipment for beginners, but it can make a huge difference in your video quality.

CRAPHY Soft Box Lights

Soft boxes can emulate the natural, soft lighting that you’d usually get from a window. The CRAPHY Soft Box lighting gear is ideal if you want to add lighting without producing harsh shadows for a scene or your subject.

865These soft box lights are made of high-reflecting, heat-resistant material, and will help you soften light to reduce overexposure and hot spots. Not all shots are created equal and learning the simple tricks to lighting a location properly will help the quality of your videos exponentially.

Umbrella Lights

Umbrella lights are an inexpensive and portable solution for video makers who need soft lighting. Compared to Softboxes, umbrellas create more controlled lighting as the light gets reflected from the silver interior layer of the umbrella. It doesn’t have a diffusing sheet, but it can cover an expansive portion of space. They’re ideal for backdrops and on-location shoots.

We recommend the Westcott 7 Feet Parabolic Umbrella and Flashpoint Streak light Umbrella Reflector Kit ($103), so you get all you need for shooting with better lighting both indoors and outdoors.

The 7mm tapered umbrella shaft tip is made with sturdy 16 fiberglass ribs and can easily be adjusted to emit flattering lighting. Storage is also convenient as it can fit its small carry case made with bulky nylon and shoulder strap.

Ring Light

Ring lights are a favourite among vloggers. When its ring shape emits light all around a subject, it eliminates shadows from every direction, making anybody look more attractive in front of the camera.

This is why this type of lighting equipment is often used by beauty and makeup vloggers since they’re able to beautifully light up the face and eliminate shadows that tend to highlight blemishes.

Our choice for a ring light is the Flashpoint 19 Kit (). This fluorescent ring light uses 80W power that doesn’t emit too much heat, so you can place it closer to the subject.

Its 19-inch diameter built is also very light and easy to carry. If you’re doing videos that need facial close-ups, the Flashpoint 19 would be the ideal pick for you.

Once you’ve got the best setup for YouTube videos, and the channel is built and your subscriber numbers start to increase, it is important to optimize your videos for SEO, including creating SEO optimized titles, so your videos will rank higher on Google.

A great start for this step is doing keyword research. The tools we prefer at Cereal Entrepreneur are Ubersuggest [FREE] and Keywords Everywhere, which offers FREE and Premium pricing.

Also, to make a channel look and feel professional and to keep creating content to attract more subscribers and increase watch time, you will have to outsource designers, video editors, graphic designers, etc. Now that you’ve got all the equipment and tools you need to shoot great video content; you can get your YouTube channel up and running in no time.

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