Filmora Video Editor Review : Is it Worth Using in 2020 ?

filmora review

Quick Summary :

Filmora Video Editor is a video editing tool suite from Wondershare. I've been using Filmora for more than one year for editing videos for my youtube channel. I've found the software worth using for both beginners or people with moderate experience.

From adding effects, text up to working with green screen, Filmora can do it all.

TL;DR : Wondershare's Filmora is a suite of video editing tools built for video editing for beginners and people with somewhat experience.

Filmora is a line of video making and editing application developed by Wondershare, this app was later named as “Wondershare Video Editor”.

Filmora includes various products for a range of users from beginner to intermediate level.

Common features of Filmora includes timeline, preview window and effects library, which is navigated and controlled using a drag-and-drop interface.

Filmora is not free software, but it offers a full-featured free trial with only one usage restriction, that is, exported videos are watermarked with a Filmora banner and logo across the bottom third of the output.

If you check out the customer reviews and price, overall, Wondershare Filmora is not that expensive because it contains a lot of features and can be used both for MAC and Windows.

Overall it can be a good way to get started with editing your videos easily by using your editing skills.

You can also import and export pictures in any format and the way you like and share the movies in many ways such as standard HD videos, Burn to DVD discs and even Directly upload the videos to YouTube and share your Filmora stories directly on their website using the hashtag #FilmoraSchoolStory.

Different Versions of Filmora


It is a simple, entry-level desktop video editor with pre-set video templates and properties.


This one is a premium version of Filmora with more industry-standard features, like colour grading, keyframe-based animatronics, customizable effects and other sophisticated features.


It is a smartphone version of Filmora developed for Android and iOS as well. The app supports editing videos shot by the Android phones, or directly by downloading from social media


FilmoraScrn offers a feature list and layout inclined more towards beginners. You will be able to craft amazing videos using the recording and editing feature, you cannot expect a full-blown editing studio or stellar performance from this version.


Filmora9 contains audio editing tools that helps you to enhance your video with the right background music and amazing sound effects. Videos are available there in 4K quality and contains features such as green screen effects and so on.

Additional features of Filmora

In-built screen recorder

Wondershare Filmora has a unique function that you will not find in many video editors. It has an in-built screen recorder.

This means that you directly from the editor will be able to do screen recordings. It is easy to use, and it will then import your recording directly into the editor, so you can use it for your projects. It has this unique feature called Ice-cream Screen Recorder usually meant for screen recordings.

Add music and sound effects

You can use music and sound effects to make your videos more appealing and interesting depending on the type of context.

Wondershare Filmora consist of media library where you can add music and sound effects to your videos for free. There are not a lot of options to start with, but there are still some incredible ones.

There are multiple options available to add sound effects and videos than what is included for free, you can even purchase additional music and sound effects through the Wondershare effects store.

Split screen

Wondershare Filmora offers a split-screen feature that is used to create a video with numerous videos playing at the similar time in different parts of the screen.

In the image above you can see that there are different ways in which you can split your screen. You can even have 2-6 screens playing at the same time which can be a great way to create engaging videos.

Add filters and overlays the videos

You can add different filters or overlays if you find this feature appropriate. You can add rainbow colours to your video, add a sun filter so that it looks like it is actually recorded in the sun, etc. There are quite a few to choose from.

The overlay feature is very similar to the filters. It makes it possible to put a layer on the top of your video. For example, to make it look like it is an old cinema movie playing or have a frame around the edges that looks like water which can be a way to make your videos more interesting.

Adds title, credits, or subtitles

Adding text and titles to your videos can add a lot of value for the viewer and make it more fetching. This application has quite a lot of options to do this. You can, for example, add opening titles, lower 3rd titles, end credits, and subtitles.


Now you have an option to choose whatever kind of blur you want to add. You can choose mosaic, where you can blur a certain part of the screen. You can choose to blur a face, where the blur will automatically follow the face if the choose tilt-shift, where you can blur the background of the video.

Customer Reviews and support

If you visit Filmora’s website, you will find different types of reviews from the customers about its different versions and features.

Not only the customers will share the reviews and there also a suggestion box where you can describe about a particular product and reviews accordingly.

One can even give suggestions on improvement of some additional features which they did not enjoy much and give their ideas and recommendations on that particular feature.

It also displays the overall product quality score which helps you to analyse the product carefully and then choose it accordingly.

The product quality score not only displays the overall quality about the product, but also displays the value for money, ease of use and about overall customer support service.

Not only customers share their reviews and ideas but also make videos and upload it by helping others to explain its features step-by-step.

You will also find customer reviews at the bottom of every product displayed in a box. You can even share the top reviews for the products which you liked and help your family and friends analyse it and make suitable decisions.

It also displays the number of users who have purchased a particular product with their feedback.

Filmora Review : Pros & Cons


  • It helps in managing the content of your project easily. Buttons are available there to quickly access video, audio, titles, and transitions.
  • The online store makes it easy to add new effects as and when needed. There's a good selection of options so your videos don't have to all look the same.
  • Helps in exporting your project includes many options and formats, including some direct publishing options.
  • Quick Video Trim/Edits
  • Excellent List of Effects/Overlays/Transitions
  • 4K Video and GIF output options
  • Very polished piece of software with high quality effects and transitions.


  • It cannot Select and Produce or Export Only Parts of the Timeline
  • Lacking some shortcuts to help navigate and maneuverer timeline more efficiently
  • The online store is sometimes little clunky, requiring the customers to login two or three times. After a successful login, everything works fine.
  • Occasionally the transitions does not export into the video correctly, usually by not being in the correct place in the video.
  • Lots of extra downloads are required, few interface customizations options where some options are hidden out of the way.

Overall User Experience

The editing features of Filmora has a very similar layout to many of its rivals but has an indefinably more polished feel than others.

One of the features called Automated scene detection does the hard work of splitting up lengthy clips into more manageable, ready for you to add to the workspace, apply effects, and drag to different timelines which is very effective for the users.

It has a range of strikingly decent effects and transitions with numerous Split Screen options for creating various elaborate picture-in-picture layouts.

On-screen text, titles are handled with equal composure, it’s hard to find fault with what’s on offer. Completed projects can be saved in a variety of formats, burned to DVD, saved for specific devices, or upload directly to YouTube and Vimeo.

When you're working with effects, you'll quickly realise that you need to download them in order to use them. You can do these on an as required basis or opt to download everything at once.

It is at this point you'll discover that Wondershare has chosen to host its 1GB Effect Pack on Google Drive, with 'Desmond' indicated as being the owner; while there's nothing inherently wrong with this, it is a little strange, and a little unprofessional.

But the final results that you achieve with Filmora9 are far from unprofessional. It's worth taking the trial version of the program for a test drive, bearing in mind that anything you export will be watermarked.

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