Free Microphone Selection Consultancy

Microphone selection isn’t an easy task, especially with tons of microphones available. For a person who just wants decent sound and doesn’t know ( or wants to know ) the technicalities of a microphone, it can be pesky. That’s why I’ve started this free service to help you purchase the right microphone.

When I started out, I spent $200 on purchasing a microphone. After only five months I had to another microphone. Not because of the first microphone or anything, it was because it wasn’t fit for my setup. After three months of purchasing the second microphone, I had to buy another one. I spent around $500 just purchasing microphone before landing on the perfect microphone which worked for me.

At that time, there were a ton of tutorials available. But the thing is, every setup is different. No article can suggest a microphone which is suitable for a particular setup. Thereby, many people purchase the microphone that isn’t the right fit for their setup.

In the past two years, I’ve helped more than 300 people set up their home studio. This included everything right from selecting the perfect microphone, Camera, stands, lights and everything.

I’ve worked with a lot of microphones, and other audio, video recording equipment. I know how every setup needs a different microphone. Thereby, I started this free consultation.

Here’s what you have to do –

  • Fill out the form below. It asks you basic things such as where you will use the microphone, how much budget you have etc.
  • Under two days, I’ll suggest the perfect microphone for your setup. I’ll do the research, testing and everything before recommending you an ideal microphone.

Does this service cost anything? NO. There are no hidden charges.

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