Time Tested Tips on How To Get More Popular on YouTube

With so many career options across the globe, why most people nowadays choose to be YouTubers? This question may seem to be quite complex but the answer is entirely dependent on how individuals see this platform.

Many people start a YouTube channel just because it’s one of their passions.

On the contrary, most people decide to start a YouTube channel as their profession by educating people on what they know or entertaining people by exhibiting their talents. Both these are a boon to the audience.

So once you started your YouTube channel you cannot expect an immediate response from people.

Depending on the type and quality of the content that you post on your channel there are high chances that you go viral suddenly or take some time for both YouTube and the audience to recognize you.

In this article, I have shared with you some of the simple and effective ways that you can try out to get popular on YouTube.

Simple ways to get popular on YouTube

Everything takes time to yield the desired results. The same applies here. You can not just like that become popular on YouTube without putting in any sort of effort.

With consistent hard work and forbearance, you can achieve what you are working for. Here I have listed some of the simple ways of all time to help you get some inklings on becoming a popular YouTube.

  • Create good content
  • Be active
  • Make a catchy cover
  • Concentrate more on thumbnails
  • Familiarize yourself
  •  Link up with other YouTubers
  • Share your videos on social media
  • Reach your target
  • Hold contests
  • Do not quit

Simple ways are yet more powerful than harder strategies when implemented accurately. So now I will brief you with the above mentioned simple ways of gaining YouTube fame.

Create good content

People navigate on YouTube to find solutions to their queries. As a YouTuber, your main motive is to create good and quality content.

Good quality content both in the view and thought perspectives never disappoints the audience. Always make sure that you put in your entire efforts to provide people with the best of what you know.

Give your viewers exactly what they expect. Try to be innovative and unique that your channel stands out from others. Do not post irrelevant content from the one you’ve mentioned in the title.

There are so many ways by which people visit your channel. Those ways include suggestions, SERP rating, shares, highest views, and so on.

Now if you gaze at all of these factors you will come to know that all this is possible only when you have good and valuable content on your channel.

Be active 

Be active and consistent in posting regular videos on YouTube. Starting with full force and gradually decreasing your engagement in the channel has no point.

For instance, if you post videos educating people like tutorials, arts and crafts, seminars, lectures, etc at times you are unable to post relevant content you can try changing to some other content to make sure that you are being active.

(Try posting more or less similar content to your stream) and of you post entertaining content then you have plenty of choices to pick from at times you are less active.

Try to be regular with some new ideas and be regular to your subscriber’s notifications. Short breaks are always much needed for all people.

But do not prolong it as you might get disappeared in the crowd of millions of YouTubers.

Make a catchy cover 

Your channel must resemble your thoughts. Your thoughts not only resemble your content but also the way you’ve designed your cover photo. The cover of your channel adds more to the overall appearance of the channel.

It must be so attractive and eye-catching. So the cover must be uniquely designed to stand out from other YouTube channels.

The way you design your cover photo should be so innovative and it should grab the attention of all people. There are more chances that you will gain more visitors and also subscribers to your channel.

While designing your cover image be sure that you are very innovative and have some knowledge about editing and adding some extra punch to the images or even you can approach a designer or photo editor to get the job done.

Concentrate more on thumbnails  

Thumbnail is an important factor that shows an overview of the content. It should be relevant to what is in the video. Never do mistake of adding more pictures that look weird or annoying to be viewed.

Try making it colorful and less clumsy. Adding more colorful elements in the thumbnail can be so much fun both for you and the visitors who might click on your channel.

Also, add some pictures to the thumbnail. Do not create an irrelevant thumbnail, as it may result in losing the trust of people.

For creating a proper thumbnail firstly you must have a thorough idea of your content and then you can start creating your thumbnail even using some of the clippings from inside the video.

Familiarize yourself  

Once after starting the channel, from your side you must try to add familiarity. Post videos or pictures about the commencement of your YouTube channel. So that your social media followers can also get to know that. This helps in increasing the subscriber’s count of your channel.

Also, add some more interesting features about yourself in the about section of YouTube. Depending on how you describe yourself makes other people like you.

Be genuine and do not feel shy to disclose some real attributes of yourself. Be real and true to people is one of the most important things that you must learn and implement in your YouTube career.

While filling up the about In the section, you can also add links to all your social media pages. This will be more helpful for people who want to know more about you as a person.

So never miss this thing while you are working on filling the about section. When people view your about section or any of the social media pages you have more chances of getting more crowd towards your channel.

This highly helps in familiarizing yourself with the target audience.

Link up with other YouTubers 

Expanding your YouTube community is one of the best ways to gain popularity. Try to build a healthy relationship with other popular YouTubers and this will not only help you to learn so many things from them also helps you to popularize yourself and your channel.

You can do this by inviting them to your channel and creating some interesting content.

To gain more familiarity among the YouTube crowd, try to link with other reputed YouTubers. Collaborate with them and make fun and interesting videos.

This acts as a pathway for exchanging subscribers. Try to make fun videos and entertain people. In a turn of their visit to your channel, you can also visit their channel and help them in making some creative and entertaining content.

In this way, you will be able to build a robust bond among other YouTubers.

Share your videos on social media 

Sharing your videos by yourself on all your social media pages is also one of the best ways to help yourself to gain more audience to your channel and gain popularity too.

If you are delivering some interesting content that has received appreciation then you can also share your videos on social media and other websites.

Those platforms include quora. Post your videos as a suggestion below the questions that are asked by many people. If they found your videos to be useful, you’ll acquire the appropriate prominence.

There are so many chances that your video can be on-trend if you share them all on your social media pages. Do not feel shy or disguised to make attempts to help yourself as that is enduring and need not require any other people’s help to bring you up.

Reach your target 

Once you have set your goal then never get tired reaching the top-notch. Work out on all the possible ways and never give up until you get close to your goal.

Once you start following all these tips you are assured of reaching half the way to your target. Post interesting and updated videos. Be true to your subscribers.

Be yourself while you are on screen. All these simple things will help you in reaching your target day by day. Have patience and begin every day as a fresh start to build up your target.

Hold contests 

Monotonous content can be sometimes boring for your visitors. Constantly posting videos of the same content has a no bigger impact on people and it lessens the interest that people have in your content.

Posting videos regularly is not the only way to boost up your channel. But holding contests and announcing exciting giveaways are also a part of being popular.

Now and then make sure that you announce some interesting contests for your subscribers or other visitors to take part in and also cheer them up with exciting gifts.

Do not steal ideas from your co YouTubers. Instead, implement your ideas and announce exciting contests. Through this strategy, you will gain more subscribers and also you will be familiar.

Do not quit 

Everything good takes time to happen. The same thing applies to your YouTube journey. In some of the other phases of your journey if something goes wrong then you must not have the attitude to quit.

Rather, fight against the hard times to get into something that awaits you. Do not quit in the middle.

Whether you are gaining something or losing anything, just because it happened does not decide to give up. Nothing is permanent and if you work even harder you can achieve your goals.

But never give up in the middle. Fight till the end to turn your passion into your profession.

Try out all the possible ways in which you can make your channel familiar to all people. Both hard work and smart work can bring you success. Be consistent with patience then you will be able to reap the desired results.

Being popular on YouTube does not happen overnight. It requires more patience and hard work to gain popularity and fame on YouTube.

Follow these above mentioned simple steps to make some wonderful modifications to your YouTube channel. Do not stick to the same thing and complaint that you are not successful in your journey.

Instead, try out new things often and then carefully choose the strategy that works so perfectly for you.

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