How to Sing & Play Guitar at the Same Time

Often wanted to play guitar while singing at the same time? Well, you can do it and be the hero of your dreams just in some time. Just some steps and then you are good to go with the same.

Some people have a professional hand at playing guitar, while others are wonderful singers. The thought crosses our mind that what if there is a person who can sing and play guitar at the same time. Well, it would be like we are watching a fancy singer playing with the chords and living us speechless with his vocal and chords skills.

Many people want to sing at the same time while playing guitar. It is super easy to say that right! But making it true is what makes you put in the real effort.

We often think that separately learning the things can help us, with getting better at it. But the contrary happens. When we aren’t in a flow of working with both singing and playing at the same time, it will be a bit difficult at the start to achieve the wanted results.

The best thing to do is to know the fundamentals of both, the vocals and the chords. It will help you to get started at the entry level. The journey will need you to put in efforts for the same, but it will be fun overall.

We are here to get you started with your journey. So, without any further delay, let’s dive into what we got for you. Here we have mentioned some steps that can help you to get through the hard times, and will help you do the necessary corrections for the same.

So, let’s get started.

Where to start 

Many of us want to sing and play guitar at the same time, but there are times when the focus is shifted, and we are unable to do any of it. For this, you need regular practice to reach a place where you can maintain a good rhythm and do well in both. You need to practice by yourself by doing both at the same time.

We are advised to do a lot of things. Beginners need to start from the fundamentals of vocals and playing the strings. Others who know a little can skip the fundamentals and start focusing on practicing more.

The bits of advice and quality efforts are a must when we are about to get started, with the same. There is a time when we get started with enthusiasm but fail to make it last longer. The excitement and enthusiasm keep fading when you see no positive results while giving your best.

For helping you to evaluate where you are going wrong, and also to give you some insights on the better road for the same, we are here. It is going to be helpful for both beginners and a little higher than the entry-level individuals. Without any further ado, let’s see what it beholds for you.

Following are some points that can help you to be better at doing both things at the same time:

Choose a Simple Song to start with

For getting started with learning how to sing and play guitar at the same time, you need to start with the fundamentals. You can never ignore the fundamentals, whether it be for the vocals or the guitar. For getting started after the fundamentals, you need to start with practicing both at the same time.

You can start by choosing a simple song to play on guitar. This will help you to do practice vocals and boost your confidence. This will also help you to focus on the ups and downs of the songs.

By learning the true essence of the song, you will be getting used to the vocal practice. Choosing a simple song will not divert your focus from learning it in a better way. While providing you a better place to focus on both playing and singing.

This simple trick will improve your multitasking and helping you get started. With this, you can avoid the chances of getting disheartened if chosen a difficult song.

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Make your hands learn the guitar part

Not sure what makes your hands learn the guitar part means? We have it all covered for you. It means that your hands should follow the flow without you maintaining it.

There is a certain thing that you need to know. When you get yourself covered with a song then practice the same on guitar. DO IT! Practice the song you choose on guitar like a million times.

You should be able to play the song even when you are not completely concentrating on it. You can try out playing the song in front of your friends while having a conversation. You can also play the song while watching television or while doing your routine activities.

You just need to be so efficient that you can play the song on the guitar even if you are not fully concentrating on it. For this, you will need a load of practice. Without practicing it will be a tough job, especially for a beginner.

Keep practicing until your hands know it all!

You can use a metronome

Well, have you heard of Metronome? It is a device that helps you to keep track of the time and the beats. It is a clock-like device that makes a sound at particular intervals of time, making you keep a track of time and the beats.

It helps you to check on whether you missed a beat. At the start, you will need it for evaluating yourself and checking whether you are going with the beats or you are missing the beats. As singing at the same time while playing guitar firstly affects the beats.

Go with the flow and try to check yourself. It will help you in being with the rhythm. And eventually, you can switch to the pro’s technique for keeping track of the beats. Yes, the pro’s technique.

You might have seen many people tap their feet while singing and playing guitar. Well, they are just trying to maintain the beats. Yes! After some time, you can manage to know the right time without skipping any beat.

You can do this by tapping your feet at the time of beats. It will help you miss none and give you a better start.

Try to practice the beat out loud

Well after getting a little more acquainted with using the metronome, you can start with practicing the beat by saying it out loud. This method will make sure that you get used to saying some words while playing guitar. By trying to practice the beat out loud you will get used to saying words while playing.

This will help you in multitasking and improve you in the same. You can do this with or without using the metronome. Well, this is all that is needed to get you started and make you stand on your own.

Just always give yourself a reality check before getting to any conclusions. You need to ask someone to listen to you and check whether you are running out of time or missing any beats. Well, if there is no one to listen to you then you are on your own and it is fun too.

You can record a video and then check whether you are missing any beats or you are just good to go. Keep doing this for a longer run to get you into the concept of beats. Practicing by counting the beat out loud will help you for sure.

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Humming the melody, while playing guitar

You should know this secret by now that humming the melody of the song can help you get better at singing and playing guitar at the same time. You can hop onto humming the song while playing it on guitar. This will give you a tinge of playing it actually and boosting you to get better.

You can try it in this way for making it easier at the starting times. You know the song that you have to side while playing alongside on guitar. Start with humming the song without actually singing it.

Humming the melody while playing guitar will help you to focus on the rhythm and the melody of the song and will also give you a clearer way to focus on playing guitar. This will help you in giving a pseudo practice of singing and playing at the same time. You can go on practicing the same way and you will get better enough to play the song while singing it a bit.

Keep practicing the same way from the start to the end of the song without actually singing it. This will help you to build coordination while playing the guitar and singing the melody of the song. So, try this and see how it works for you.

Memorize the lyrics of the song before getting started

You can’t skip this part. You must ensure that you have memorized the lyrics of the song before actually singing it. Singing alongside playing guitar can get rough if you don’t know the lyrics.

At the beginner’s stage, you must ensure that you know the lyrics so that you won’t have a diverted focus. Ensuring this can help you focus on the melody of the song and also on playing guitar. You can give yourself some time for memorizing the lyrics before getting into the main part.

This ensures your focus to be on where it is needed. You won’t have to see the lyrics again and again while singing and playing. So, you won’t need to do it all at the same time.

Ensuring this will help you in focusing better.

Try to sing and replace the humming with it

Well, now you can switch from humming the song to singing it. Try to sing the song while playing it on the guitar alongside. If you are stuck at some point try a few lines of the song and then start with the same.

Make sure that you don’t rush into it. Take your time and then try to give your best.

Practice more often

Well, we have already stressed this point enough. If you want to learn it, you will have to earn it. You will have to ensure that you practice what you learned on a timely basis.

Practice and more practice are the keys to success, in this case. So, ensure that you give your time and quality efforts to it.

Those are some wonderfully explained points that can help you to do the needful corrections for yourself. You can always choose a path that suits you and the things that work well for you. But the aforementioned are some helpful steps for the ones who might not know about the mistake they are making.


There are so many ways that can help you to get better at singing and playing guitar, at the same time. You have a long list of changes to do if anything seems wrong to you. You can add the above-mentioned things, for getting a hand on it.

It requires you to be patient and persistent. Without this, you will lack somewhere or the other, or you can also have your way of learning. For gaining a professional touch, you need to put a lot of effort into it.

You gain nothing without putting in your efforts of yours. The best thing to learn something is to have a passion for learning the same. If you are passionate and love doing it at the same time, then with consistent & quality efforts, you will get the best out of it.

What are you waiting for? You have all the guidance and the step-by-step procedure to help you get along. So, get on board and start your journey with some melody and string playing.

Erwin Cooper

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