How to Rank Youtube Videos for Max Exposure in 2021

YouTube is one of the popular and fastest-growing social media platforms. Most of the people started their career or their hobby as a YouTuber. Every day hundreds of people decide to start their YouTube channel.

This is not so abnormal as it is a more popular means of establishing your skills and experience with people all over the world.

But it is not so easy to get popular on YouTube as soon as you get started. It requires more hard work and sincerity to get established on this platform. Everyone starts with zero subscribers and it all depends on how much effort you put in to establish your channel.

The most important aspect of owning a channel on YouTube is the SEO ranking. Depending upon this ranking factor you and your channel will get a reputation among the people and this is the best way to establish yourself and gain popularity.

There are some vital ways in which you can improve the ranking of your YouTube videos. When researched properly you will be able to get through so many ways that you can implement in your videos to rank higher.

In this article, I have given you the best ideas and ways on how to rank YouTube videos in 2021. As a known fact due to this prevailing global pandemic, everyone spends their time mostly quarantined.

So to be productive most people are planning to create a YouTube channel. On the other hand, people already owning a channel will get an insight into the ways which will be helping them to rank their YouTube videos in 2021.

Importance Of Ranking YouTube Videos

Certain important things count your ranking of the videos. You must be cautious about how much this ranking factor has an impact on your YouTube channel and your videos.

If your videos have a higher SEO ranking then automatically you will gain more subscribers. This eventually leads to the expansion of your YouTube family.

Never take this opportunity less seriously. This social media platform can change your whole life. When utilized properly you can turn out your life as you’ve never experienced before.

So to make your videos rank higher you must undertake some simple yet effective steps. Those steps may seem to be less effective but have so much too with the overall growth of your YouTube channel.

How To Rank YouTube Videos In 2021

There are so many effective ways that are suggested and practiced by people to rank their YouTube videos. Now to get more updated you need to think of the title a little extra to outstand the whole game that is played so far.

Now I will be sharing with you some of the effective ways on how to rank YouTube videos in 2021. These ways seem to be those that were already being practiced by many people but to outstand all of them, all you need to do is to bring in some innovation into the existing ways and then wait patiently for them to work their magic. Here some of the simple but significant ways to rank your videos.

  • Concentrate more on keywords
  • Go for trendy topics
  • Post high retention videos
  • Promote your videos
  • Work more on thumbnails and description

Here I have listed you the most simple ways to rank your YouTube videos. Even though these ways seem to be simple but never underestimate their power. These little things when followed properly can bring huge changes to your YouTube journey.

Concentrate more on keywords

Right keywords can be a game-changer. The way you choose your keyword has a great impact on the entire aspect of the video. Make sure that the keyword that you select is more relevant to the topic and has an attractive image.

Now to begin with the process of selecting the right keyword firstly you need to prepare a list of potential keywords relating to your topic.

After that straight away now go to YouTube and try your potential keyword in the search box and then you will get to know the right keywords for your topic as YouTube displays the best keywords on that topic as the search results.

As keyword optimization is a vital part of the ranking of your videos you have to work a bit harder to find the right one. Also, you can search your niche on YouTube and you will be getting some results.

You can also pick your keyword from any one of those video titles so your video can also have the chance of ranking higher.

These strategies might work well for those who do proper research on the keywords and finalize the best. To get even better keywords you can use YouTube’s “traffic source” option to check the keywords used by other YouTubers to find your video. This will give a better insight into the selection process.

If you are a beginner then you must concentrate more on keywords that have less competition. As you choose the most wanted and competitive keywords that are not going to work for you as you are a beginner and also as you will be not having more subscribers too.

Never forget that apart from YouTube your videos can be seen also on Google. So do not forget to check with it once. For some of the searched keywords, Google will be displaying some videos relating to that topic. So you can also get a chance to get displayed in Google as a search result if you work intensely in picking the right keyword.

Go for trendy topics 

Never miss what’s going on currently in society. If something is trending then that should be the content for your video. Trending matters have more expectations and it will certainly gain you popularity if utilized properly.

To know the current trending topics you can use the free tool offered by Google which is known as Google Trends. Here in this tool you can search for any topic and see how much it is trending.

So you can take those trending videos as references and also can create similar content to get more views. This leads to the ranking of your videos by chance if your video also starts trending.

Post high retention videos

The videos you create and post on your channel must be entertaining to the people. You must always keep people watching your videos. The amount of your video that people watch is known as audience retention.

You must create the videos in such a way that it should stay on the platform for a long period. Certain ways help you to gain audience retention. The following are the ways that help you to gain audience retention.

  • The videos you create must stay on YouTube for a prolonged period. This attracts more ads to that particular video and for sure YouTube will start promoting your videos. This helps your videos to reach out to people.
  • To gain more retention from the target audience you need not require expensive equipment or a fancy camera. All, the important aspects that your videos need are must be valuable and interesting to watch so that your audience will start liking your videos.
  • The next important factor that counts in the comments of your audience. The more comments the viewers leave under your video the more your video will be strongly recognized and promoted by YouTube. So encourage your viewers to comment on your videos and also make sure that you reply to most of the comments possible.
  • After watching your videos if people subscribe to your channel that sends a huge alert to YouTube indicating the best performance of your videos. So asking the viewers to subscribe to your channel at the end of your video can be highly helpful to rank your videos.
  • The next important ranking factor is got from the sharing of your videos. People do not share creepy videos right, so make sure that your videos are highly valuable and useful to the viewers and also entertaining to watch so that people start sharing your videos which is indeed a crucial ranking factor.

Promote your videos

Promoting your videos on all the possible social media can be highly helpful to reach out to people. The main basis on which your video is ranked is by the number of views you get for your videos.

So try to promote your videos on some of the popular sites such as quora, Q&A. These sites will be immensely helpful to gain more views for your videos, and the views you get from these sites are of high quality too.

You can also add your video link to your email signature, this helps people get to know about your video, and this leads to acquiring more views. Another way to promote your videos is to entrench them in your blog posts.

For instance, if you are writing a blog post for your website or any guest post does not forget to add any of your video’s links that are relating to that particular post.

Next, your concentration must be focused on creating playlists for each set of themes on which you have created your videos. As you all know playlists can automatically play the next video once a particular video has finished. This assists in gaining more views without any hard work.

Work more on thumbnails and description 

After you are done with all the above-mentioned procedures next you have to give more importance and work more on your thumbnails and the description. Because both of them contribute more to the number of views you gain for your videos.

Create an attractive thumbnail and try to grab the attention of people. The more attractive your thumbnail is the more visitors you can expect for your videos.

This will prompt those visitors to get into your channel and suppose they need any of the videos you have on your channel then obviously they’ll click on it. So an attractive thumbnail does the job of grabbing people’s attention with ease.

The next part that your focus should be on is the description of your videos. An effective description has so many things to do with the ranking factor for your videos. All the things you add in your description is more or less useful for the promotion of your older videos and the products you mention in your videos.

So make sure that you make a useful as well as a descriptive description and it should be not less than 250 words.

Now you have got some ideas on how you can rank your YouTube videos in 2021. These are the essential things that you must look after to rank the highest for all the videos you make. There are also certain things that you must look after that you are not into any of the malpractice to reach the highest rankings.

Implement these simple ways into your videos and for sure you will witness a visible change in the ranking of your videos and the expansion of your YouTube family.

Erwin Cooper

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