Planning Tips for Creating a Successful Youtube Channel

Behind every successful product, there is tons and tons of planning.
Even if we keep youtube apart, you can’t achieve heights of success without proper planning.
A good plan contains everything. It is the blueprint you use in order to avoid confusion and time wastage later on.
Most things in life need planning. Same goes for Youtube.
Now since you’re reading this, I am assuming that you’re trying to grow your youtube channel.

Now I can also go with crowd and tell you that you need to follow your passion etc. But I’ll prefer a different approach. You must have read dozens of articles or self help videos about growing youtube channel that all recommend same things in different orders.

In case you don’t know it yet, I help people build home studios and their youtube channels. Here are some points I tell to my clients to help them grow their channel

It Starts with a Name

The first thing you’ll require for a youtube channel is the name.

Now, you don’t need something extremely out of the box. It doesn’t have to be very extraordinary or sexy sounding (it is good if you manage to get one, but don’t bother otherwise).

Your name should be simple, and memorable.

The reason behind this is simple.

Suppose one of your videos gets recommended in someone’s feed and they enjoy your video. Now, he/she might not have enough time to binge watch all of your content and might close youtube to resume work.

But at the end of the day, when they have some ample time, they’ll re-open youtube and try to recall your channel’s name in their head. It is at this point that if your name is simple, they’ll remember it, open your channel and binge watch all your videos.

If your content is good, you get a loyal subscriber.

Thereby, keep it simple. Don’t go with something which people can’t pronounce easily. You can watch this video from think media that explains this topic in detail.

Focus on the Quality

This happens countless times. Most of the times, when I speak about quality, people straight off think about an expensive DSLR.

The thing is, you don’t need a very high-end DSLR to make quality videos.

Even your smartphone can shoot 1080p videos. You can buy one of those cheap tripods for your smartphones and you can record fair quality footage via the smartphone itself.

Instead, you need to focus on what you’re doing to make the audio better.

Your eyes can pretty well watch a video if it is in 720p. Your ear although won’t go that well with a noisy background audio. A ton of people use headphones or earphones to watch youtube.

Which means, every little detail in audio is going to be passed in the video. This is why you need to spend on the microphone and not on the camera.

As I mentioned, you can get started even with your own smartphone. For microphones, you can read this article of mine which mentions some good microphones for youtube.

The Secret is an algorithm

You can make excellent videos, but if you are not getting recommended by youtube, you won’t get any traffic ( views ).

In order to grow on youtube, you need the youtube bot to recommend your videos in front of more and more people. You have to learn a thing or two about how the youtube algorithm works.

For example, longer videos tend to be recommended more. Videos that get more watch time are highly recommended. Videos that have positive user retention i.e get comments, likes and shared a lot are recommended a lot as well.

Now, it doesn’t mean that you should upload 1 hour long videos and expect to get recommend.

Youtube also tracks how much of your video is being watched. So, if you one channel has 4 minute song which is excellent and other channel has 3 hour movie. If people keep listening song on loop, means, watch it in its entirety but watch only the intro of the movie and leave it. Youtube will recommend the song.

This is why songs do so well on Youtube.

You need to focus on making your content engaging so that people sit through entirety of the video.


Youtube loves channel that upload frequently. If you publish content on regular basis. Youtube will show your channel to more people and more frequently you’ll appear on other people’s channel as well.

Make a schedule and make sure you stick to that schedule.


These 4 tips are the ones that I discuss in detail with my clients. I help them discover them via practical examples, showing portfolio channels that I’ve grown and more.

These tips have worked for my clients and I am sure they’ll work for you too.

Erwin Cooper

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