What Equipment Do You Need To Start YouTube in 2021 ?

As a platform for sharing content online, YouTube has gained large scale popularity among the masses. It has created a scope for billions to give shape to their dreams and express their creativity.

No matter what your passion is, YouTube empowers you to give it more exposure. While there some people who maintain their YouTube channels as a sort of hobby, taking up YouTubing as a profession is becoming more and more common.

All those videos that you enjoy watching don’t only demand effort and time but the right equipment as well. No matter how good your content is if you don’t have the support of the necessary equipment things might not work out well. No matter which path you choose to explore, here’s a guide for you that will help you prosper as a YouTuber.

Get hold of the right equipment before you get started on this journey and hike up your likes, shares, and subscriptions.

Starting With The Basics: Camera

To begin with, you will need a good quality camera. This is the most important piece of equipment on the list. But if you are worried that your job can’t be done without the most expensive DSLR remember that going for the high range options is a choice, not a necessity.

Pretty much anything that can record high-quality (at least 1080p) videos can be used for the purpose. All that’s left for you to decide is how much you would like to invest and then go for the one that fits your budget. If you’re just a beginner a good quality camcorder or webcam will be sufficient.

Once you’re ready to upgrade you can consider investing in DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Your choice of the gadget will be defined by the type of content you are creating for your channel. These are some suggestions to help you pick one:


Their adapting capacity in low-lit areas and amazing recording quality are some of the main factors why they are a favorite among Youtube content creators.

These are on the expensive side in terms of cost, but this product is worth investing in if you are serious about videography. An option to be considered for recording your videos is the Canon EOS Rebel T5i. A great plus point is whether you’re just getting started in the industry or have a lot of experience as a YouTuber, you won’t find it difficult to use this one.

It has the ability to record 1080p videos, provides a touch-screen display, and to give a continuous focus tracking supports Movie Servo. So, even if you are moving around in front of the camera, rest assured you’ll remain in focus. I’ve done a whole blog post about best dslrs which you can check out here.


These have been specially designed for recording videos, so they’re suitable for the job. On top of that, modern camcorders are lightweight, compact and quite pocket-friendly.

Whether you’re shooting something from the comfort of your studio or vlogging from a busy road -they’ve been built in such a way that recording has become possible almost under any circumstances. If you’re looking for an affordable full HD camera, you can think about The Sony HDRCX405 Camcorder ($198).

Its image stabilizing feature reduces shaking and the chances of blurring while you shoot. It comes with a Carl Zeiss zoom lens with a 27x true optical zoom that ensures perfect magnification and brilliant recording quality. This camcorder lets users record in MP4 format thus enabling them to directly upload their content online.


Webcams are meant for people in search of a plug-and-play video camera, like gaming YouTubers who need to record in front of their computers.

As they can be directly connected to your PC, webcams make live streaming easier. The Logitech C920 HD Pro ($69.99), is a good choice in its range with full HD 1080p and 720p video recording ability.

The C920 relies on its own processor to encode videos instead of depending greatly on your computer power. So, if you want to record while playing games without risking the speed of your computer opt for this one without worrying.

Action Camera

These are quite versatile if you want to record first-person POVs of your sports adventures or capture things while you are traveling go for one of these.

Don’t underestimate an action camera for its small size, many of these can promise high-quality videos. YouTubers prefer action cameras as they combine durability with the desirable video quality.

GoPro is one of the most trusted brands in this field. Its latest launch, the GoPro Hero6 () is highly recommended if you’re thinking of buying one of these. It can capture 4K videos at 60fps, is equipped with a touchscreen display, offers integrated voice control, and is waterproof (up to 10 meters underwater).

It covers poorly lit areas better than its predecessors so you’ll have better chances of obtaining quality content.

Mirrorless Camera

These can shoot or photograph like a DSLR but are a more compact option as they are comparatively lightweight and smaller in size. These are suitable for both recordings at your place and your outdoor vlogging content.

There are many mirrorless cameras to choose from, but if you want to bag one specifically built for recording videos try the Panasonic Lumix GH4 ($597.99). It will capture stunning pictures and Cinema 4K videos for you.

Let’s Focus On Sound: External Microphone

The audio quality of your content needs to be in balance with your video. If they can’t hear you out, your high-quality cinema 4K footage, will not be enough to keep your viewers from switching to another video.

You’ll face the problem of poor audio quality with built-in laptop or camera mics as they are not very successful in eliminating ambient sounds effectively.

So next on the list is a good microphone. Learn more about the different types available before buying one to ensure that you can pick the one most suited to your needs.

USB Microphones

USB microphones went from not being much heard of to being one of the standard choices for YouTube channel owners. These types of mics don’t put much pressure on your wallet, are easy to use and offer customers quality audio along with their versatile services.

A great microphone headset you can totally think of buying is the Logitech ClearChat H390 ($29.99). It offers ease-of-use and records with clear, crisp audio quality. Being a USB mic-headset, it allows you to start recording once you plug it into your PC. It comes with a cancelling feature that cancels out the undesirable noise from your audio.

Condenser Microphone

Another highly recommended USB mic is the Audio-Technica AT2020USB Plus ($149). Equipped with a built-in headphone jack with volume control this condenser microphone doesn’t require a pre-amp and allows self-monitoring.

It has a mix control feature that enables users to blend their microphone audio with pre-recorded audio. It comes with an extended frequency response that makes it an ideal choice for recording vocals for podcasting and indoor recordings.

Shotgun Microphones

These are equipped with shock mounts that help lessen noise coming from mechanical vibrations around the microphone. They can focus on capturing sounds and vocals directly in front of them.

As a result, they don’t pick up a lot of unnecessary sounds on the sides and behind the microphone even when you are recording outside. You can consider purchasing the Rode Microphones VideoMic Pro R ($168.08), which is a perfect pick for your camcorder, mirrorless camera or DSLR. It comes with 9V batteries, allowing you to use the mic for up to 70 hours and a super-cardioid polar pattern system.

Lapel Microphone

Being wireless, a lavalier mic and can be easily clipped onto your clothing. It comes with a set of products including the transmitter, which is connected to the lapel mic, and the receiver, which picks up signals from the transmitter even from a great distance.

You can opt for the RODELink Digital Wireless System ($309.99), which comes with a 3/8-inch thread for mounting on tripods and stands, has a shoe mount for cameras, and a clip for clothes. It selects the best signal to deliver audio, even from a hundred meters away.

Tripod or Gimbal Stabilizer

You can ensure the stability of your videos by using a tripod or gimbal stabilizer. You can pick either of them based on how you’re recording your content.


Tripods are usually more affordable of the two. There are many below the $100 mark which do their job pretty well. But investing in a sturdier, more reliable one is still advisable for the safety of your camera equipment.

One of the best, low priced tripods available in the market is the iKan E-Image EG01A2 ($169). It can support most DSLRs and camcorders and hold up to 11lbs. This product can extend its legs more than 5 feet and collapse down to 33 inches. With a mere weight of 10lbs, it’s easy to carry around.

Gimbal Stabilizer

These are specially designed with motors or weights to carefully balance your camera and prevent jerking while shooting. This is a great choice if you are using lightweight cameras like GoPros and are in constant movement.

Users recording with a lightweight mirrorless or action camera can go for iKan FLY X3-Plus Gimbal Stabilizer ($69.99). This cost-effective option is equipped with a 3-axis stabilizer system with brushless motors that care of your camera movements. You’ll get a battery life of up to 5 hours in it.

Get The Right Lighting

If your recording sessions take place indoors or in poorly lit areas, having proper lighting is a must. Even if your shooting spot has ample light, additional support can always make things better.


 Softboxes can imitate the natural lighting you could have obtained from a window. They come with white diffusion panels that diffuse and reduce the intensity of harsh, direct light.

This lighting gear is great if you want to light up your surroundings while recording and minus the issue of harsh shadows. The Flashpoint SoftBox ($49.95) aided with a 70W fluorescent light unit is a good option to invest in. Users can utilize the kit with their digital cameras and camcorders. This is best suited for indoor subject interviews.

Umbrella Light

If you’re searching for affordable gear to facilitate your videos with soft lighting, this is exactly what you need. As the light gets reflected from the silver interior layer of the umbrella, it produces more controlled lighting as compared to a softbox. This covers a considerable area and is ideal for on-location shoots and backdrops.

You can opt for the Westcott 7 Feet Parabolic Umbrella and Flashpoint Streaklight Umbrella Reflector Kit ($103) and forget your worries about lighting be it indoors or outdoors. The 7mm tapered umbrella shaft tip has been made using sturdy 16 fiberglass ribs and is easy to adjust.

Ring Light

These are in great demand among beauty and makeup vloggers. Owing to its ring shape, it emits light all-around a subject eliminating shadows from every direction, thus making your screen presence more attractive.

The Flashpoint 19 Kit is a good product in this field. This fluorescent ring light doesn’t emit much heat using 80W power, so you can place it quite close to the subject. With a 19-inch diameter, this is a lightweight option and easy to carry.

On-Camera Lighting

These lights can be placed on cameras and provide continuous lighting. They will aid you in videos involving people and low-lit situations. Users can utilize them while recording documentaries, for wedding shoots and similar content.

A great option for an indoor shoot is the iKan iLED-MA Micro Flood Light ($29.99). This LED light will fit right in your hand but can produce a dimmable, wide 120-degrees beam of bright 5000K+ daylight with 21 1.2-watt LEDs.

Software For Editing Your Video

Once you get hold of all the required hardware, don’t stop there. Now your search for a good video editing software begins. Albeit YouTube has its own video editor, but having your own software will give you more freedom to modify your videos.

A popular choice among videographers is Adobe Premiere Elements 18.

This one will provide you with useful tools and a wide range of editing options to choose from. Be it video trimming, bounce-back effects, freeze frames, animation you can avail all of these and more.

With that, you’re ready to go and it’s time for lights, camera, action!

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